People don’t compromise when it comes to health & beauty, why your brand does?

Touch, smell, trial and advice was important for consumers buying health and beauty products. But days have changed now. It is one of the fastest growing categories worldwide. Our Health & beauty eCommerce Solution is ultimately engineered for optimum performance and desired results. The solution is carefully designed for easy use, enables customers to check out fast using all devices and reorder. Comprehensive system integration with POS system, fulfillment solution, subscription and business intelligence allow you to increase Lifetime value of customers.

Elite Health & Beauty Commerce Features

Reorders & Automated Top-ups

Single click reorder option for history order or a previous prescription submitted, also facilitates up sell of related products

Prescription Management

The customer can upload the image of doctors’ prescription and same is routed to the nearest fulfillment center for effective and order processing

Stock Batches Control

A powerful online batch control product catalogue allows you to keep full control over what you sell and how you present it on your site

Memberships & Subscriptions

Integrated multiple tier pricing for subscription purchase. Customers can be billed on a monthly basis, or other regular interval for recurring order

Differential Pricing

The solution will also empower you to automate the pricing assignments you have made for different customers

Pharmacy Network Integration

Facilitate various pharmacists to sell their product on solution platform. Online customer purchase product from any listed pharmacist

Integrated Blog

Health care industry is where discussion and suggestion matter. The feature allows customer can share fresh content, conversations, connect with customers

Distributed Inventory & Order Routing

Orders from customers are automatically transferred into the clients web based order management system for easy processing

Gift Certificates / Loyalty Programs

One of the best tactics of customer retention and provoking repeat purchase, along with higher sales revenue and greater brand awareness

Case Study

Whether you are just a startup or willing to grow current sales into the millions, learn from some of our most successful Health & Beauty clients

Project Excelled In Performance - Nutrafol

NUTRAFOL®—all-natural hair-loss preventative comprised of 20 rare botanical ingredients revered for their potent restorative powers — delivers therapeutic benefits that vitamins and minerals alone cannot. Harnessing the potency of these active ingredients, specifically engineered to work synergistically, each target a key criteria for healthy hair growth.

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