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Digitize your Retail Brands for Millennial Customers

Shifting preferences of the millennial generation can be fatal! Combat it going digital. Offer your customers the much needed simple yet range of consumer products. Let them buy on mobiles, tabs, computer or even kiosk – be present everywhere.

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Differentiate Your Brand With Cutting-Edge Commerce Features

Consumer Goods companies are aligning their online business in other to maximizes consumer brand experience and hence faster rate of conversion. Our eCommerce solution provides the right blend of features which make their management simple. Based on our research, we have found below features which help in interaction, engagement, and loyalty of your brand lovers.

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Multi-channel Integration

Receive order from desktop, handheld device or through POS. The seamless flow of information across channel helps to manage everything

Subscription & Auto Delivery

FMCG products have a cyclic demand. We have excellent feature of Subscription and Reorder order with just a single click

Partial Payment

If a customer unable to pay full order value, we facilitate you to accept partial payments by customer and pay the remaining balance

Click & Collect

Alternate delivery model for customers to walk into their nearest experience center & collect product at convenient times and reduces customer returns

Lead Time & Delivery Timeslots

Delivery is a major challenge for online FMCG store. We have incorporated predefined time slot based delivery option making it easy for both ends

Price Levels & Volume Discounts

Algorithm embedded which suggests users add more items to get higher discounts. A feature can encourage your customers to purchase more items from your store

Smart Packs and Tailored Deals

Get sticking tools & assistant from our build in tools and partners, which help in creating a smart product combo and customer specific offers/ promotion

Optimal Navigation & Browsing ease

Guided navigation, smooth purchase flow, and saved payment cards mean no hunting for purses. Customers need to think about is what they want & when they want it

Holiday Gifts & Discount Microsite

A discounted microsite is a separate promotional page of a website that has its own URL and is used to communicate about a special discount product

    • Tavolashop


      Case Study


    The outcome of revamping its digital arena includes propelling the brand forward, opportunity to expand into new markets, boost cross channel brand loyalty with repeat purchase, and reinforce value to their customers. Along with it, we continue to support Tavola under our Managed Services team to attain the envisioned business goals.

    45% Increase in transactions

    68% Increase in revenue

    85% Rise in site visits


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    Stand Out From the Crowd &Enable Customers to Easily Buy From You.

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