BigCommerce 7 Now Available for New Stores!

Hi everyone and welcome to the March 2011 issue of the BigCommerce newsletter. This month’s newsletter will focus on BigCommerce 7, which is now available for new stores and will be available for existing clients as an upgrade in about 2 weeks. We’ve worked hard so we hope you like it!

Here’s What’s New in BigCommerce 7…

  • BigCommerce is PCI compliant, meaning your data is rock solid, safe and secure
  • Create new product options such as color swatches, radio buttons and more
  • Sell bundled products such as computers with automatic inventory control
  • Option-based rules help you adjust price, weight, etc across multiple products
  • Point-and-click integration with iContact for customer segmenting and analytics
  • A beautiful new control panel design with more wizards and fewer clicks
  • Point-and-click integration with free live chat software from oLark
  • Run split testing campaigns with Visual Website Optimizer integration
  • Pass orders to your dropshipper automatically with Ordoro integration
  • Managing thousands of categories via drag & drop is faster and easier
  • Bulk importing speeds have been improved 300x

Or see screenshots of new features

Common Questions

We’ve collected the most common questions about BigCommerce 7 and have included them below, complete with answers. If you still have questions feel free to contact us.

How Can I Try the New Features?

To try the new features just click here to create a new trial store. Your trial store is fully functional, includes all new features mentioned above and you don’t need a credit card.

When Will My Existing Store Be Upgraded?

We’re rolling out BigCommerce 7 to existing stores starting in about 2 weeks from now. Keep an eye on your control panel because you’ll see a message inviting you to schedule an upgrade when it becomes available.

What About My Design Changes?

Your design changes will be handled automatically when your store is upgraded. They will not be removed – our upgrade wizard will simply apply the new features to your store.

What About My Product Variations?

During the upgrade your product variations will automatically be converted into product options. No matter how many variations you currently have, they’ll be converted over smoothly and automatically. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

or see screenshots of new features

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