Choosing a Magento Hosting Provider? Read On!

If you run a Magento ecommerce store, then you will probably have realized that hosting your Magento ecommerce store is not an easy task. For this purpose, your needs must be matched by a perfect Magento host and the hosting environment as well.

You might know that many hosting providers meet the minimum requirements for hosting a Magento store, however, not all of them come up to your expectations. Hence, you need to ask a few questions before you close in on a Magento hosting provider for your online business.

1. Does the hosting provider specialize in Magento?

If your hosting provider specializes in Magento, then this can be a favorable point in case an issue crops up. As you will know, Magento is open source, so there is no company to turn for support unless you are running Magento Enterprise. Hence, it is very crucial that your web-hosting provider is a Magento hosting specialist. With their help, you can avoid common problems and even ask them for specialized help right from the beginning if necessary.

2. Its not essential to rope in the big fish.

Its not essential to run for help to bigger enterprises such as Microsoft or IBM, just because they are listed as Magneto hosting partners. A smaller agency who has a more managed as well as hands on approach can be the right choice. Simply contact them via email or phone and gauge their response.

3. Beware of low priced hosting…

You might be tempted to go in for low priced hosting to save a few bucks. However, you ought to know that Magento requires extensive server side resources, so that it can run without any issue. Those who have cheap hosting plans might not be the right resources to host magento despite advertising for the same. This often results in poor performance, database errors, loading problems, and so on. Thus, it could cost a little more for a quality hosting provider, hence it is advisable to spend a little more so that you are in an advantageous situation.

4. Does the hosting provider provide proactive support?

Check if the hosting provider provides truly proactive support. You could check if they regularly go in for activities such as proactively applying security patches, monitoring websites for proper loading and checking error pages, continuous analysis of your websites performance, and support for PCI issues such as payment gateway configurations.

Your hosting provider should really know Magento. Find out if the host is telling you the truth or its just marketing hype. You can find out by checking if they offer sops such as detailed knowledge about Magento. It can be an added bonus if they offer certified employees and advanced features such as CDN solution and PHP OpCode caching. Quite often, hosting is considered as a commodity, which can go terribly wrong if the player knows a zilch about Magento. Ensure that the Magento host is knowledgeable and can take care of a plethora of issues that can crop up during hosting and operation.

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