eCommerce Booming with Double-Digit Growth in Q2 2016

According to US Census Bureau, eCommerce sales in the US are touching new high with 7.8% of the total retail sale of the country in Q2 2016. Another development is significant that more of the web transactions are shifting to mobile due to increased tendency over mobile usage by shoppers.

Last year, shoppers had spent $341.73 billion on retail purchases in the US. Among them, eCommerce accounted 7%. Therefore, in the second quarter of 2016, it is significant by hitting $92.8 billion marks.

It is true that physical stores are remaining a vital force in the US retails despite increasing popularity of eCommerce. However, some items in retails cannot be sale online due to its nature while rests are facing fierce competition from the eCommerce growth.

Moreover, pure eCommerce has a tough time due to brick-to-click approaches of physical stores to woo online customers using the web and mobile presence and the latest technologies including social media, Geo-fencing, Beacon, Location-Based Service, and so on.

eCcommerce Traffic

If we grind eCommerce traffic data, many facts become apparent that can help eCommerce owners to grow their business and formulate marketing strategies.

Traffic Sources

eCommerce Benchmark Report for Q2 2016 indicates that 40% traffic comes from organic search, 20% from direct traffic, other traffic sources including social media and direct chats contributing 15%. Against these, email marketing grabbing a big chunk of traffic by hitting 9% mark, which is slightly lower than paid search of 11%.

Traffic from Devices

These numbers reveal the old truth of organic search importance and establish SEO techniques still valid among the other chaos. The same goes for device types, and desktop devices are turning 56% traffic against 46% from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Traffic from Social Media

Among the various social networking sites, Facebook is an obvious winner with 66% traffic from total social media contribution. Pinterest is following Facebook with 17% contribution due to the significance of product images while Twitter remains in a low profile with only 3% contribution.

Page Views on Devices

eCommerce page views per sessions are high in desktop devices with 6.61, and tablets are close to it with 6.11 while smartphones go low with 4.87. The same goes true for average session length. It is 4 minutes 39 seconds in the case of a desktop; 4m 29s for tablets; and 3m 28s for smartphones.

Revenue by Device Categories

Payment on eCommerce involves transactions and exchanges of vital data. Therefore, consumers always prefer fast CPU and desktops or laptops are ideal for it. Thus, revenue per session is higher to the big devices in comparison to tiny handheld devices.Albeit, shoppers, hold back to mobile devices after purchasing items on big devices so keep this behavior of shoppers in mind when defining designing for the website and a mobile app.

Retail Segments

Various retail segments are enjoying the sweet fruits of eCommerce growth, and among them, pioneers are Apparel, Furniture and Furnishing, Sports, Books, Music, Health, Food & Beverage, Electronics, Appliances, Real Estate, and General Merchandise.


With the proliferated use of mobile devices, for all purposes, has boosted the growth of eCommerce tremendously, against its previous record. Natural search and social media efforts are still dominating as major sources of traffic. The behavior of shoppers on different devices is differing greatly, but the obvious choice for eCommerce activity is mobile devices.

If you want to reap the benefits of Omnichannel strategy, an advanced mobile application for your eCommerce and brick store is mandatory for sure success. Therefore, you need to look at Mobile Commerce Solution Provider with expertise in the integration of Magento API with your app, and Krish TechnoLabs is an obvious choice in this regard.

If you are scrappy enough to dig deeper for your dream project, in order to realize Omnichannel solutions, let us have some exchanges to roll the ball.

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