How The Changing Ecommerce Scenario is Rewriting The Rules Of The Game!

Nearly every one in the eCommerce marketing world is probably aware of the six C’s of marketing viz. content, curation, customization, community, crowd-sourcing, and crowd-funding. However, in the new eCommerce 2.0 scenario, new technologies such as mobile platforms and social media are changing the rules of the game.

These new concepts of mobile as well as web-based commerce are now changing the traditional methods of marketing, and these methods are becoming the new trend of eCommerce marketing through out the world. Gone is the traditional definition of marketing that pits marketing spends against inventory which again pits it against thin margins. This is the classic pit wherein plagued start-ups fall, especially when they are engaged in the art of consumer-facing sale.

However, the saving grace for the eCommerce industry has been the proliferation of mobiles the world over, which has more than so acted as a soothing balm for its woes. Hence, as more and more entrepreneurs enter the field of eCommerce, it should be noted that certain factors govern the rules of the game, and if they are the new rules of the game, then be they so:

1. As Android continues to expand its reach across the world as the most preferred mobile platform, this means that the conversion rates for stores that are viewed on Android phones are better than the conversion rates obtained from the iPhones. Up till recently, the android handset family had a larger screen real estate available than the iPhone until the 6s was released.

2. With the larger screen sizes, it is possible for companies, including start ups, to display up to four additional objects in their apps. It has also been discovered that young users tend to go in for Android phones – especially women and girls. Hence, those start ups which intent to target the young crowd especially the fairer gender, can indeed go in for the android platform to get off the mark first.

3. Rather than having the mobile play the leading role in the Internet drama, it now sounds better if today’s entrepreneurs treat the mobile as a secondary device for a repeat engagement or as a device that could act best on the social media front.

4. Today’s eCommerce 2.0 apps are usually the ones that offer instant gratification for impulse buyers. They are rather directly linked to product as well as service markets, which means that they need to realize that the true initial customer is actually on the supply side. The worker on should be happy enough to provide consistently great service to the demand side.

5. What is therefore required is a different mobile app hat is catered to the supply side. This requires that the vendors be allowed to manage their business work flow entirely from within the app (i.e. in-app). This means that business needs to be run fast enough to complete transactions in real time, given that the internet has move on to the mobile dimension where the mobile apps are the primary interface.

6. Mobile is getting more and more visual as well as design-oriented as eCommerce 2.0 becomes increasingly mature day-by-day. Images are proving to be a strong and critical role in conversion. Entrepreneurs have discovered that instead of simply displaying an item, making individuals such as models display these items has a great effect on individuals who want these items to become a part of their lifestyle. Hence, creating a compelling influence is extremely essential to capture the imagination of the buyer and motivate the buyer right from the viewing the product on the website to the its purchase.

7. At the same time, it has become extremely essential to understand market sentiment and shifts in market taste. All this is part of the changing logistics landscape of the eCommerce industry. With consumer sentiment at its all time high, it is essential that orders are fulfilled at the earliest to cut down on waiting time so that the long-term-value of current and future customers is maintained.

As the rules of the eCommerce game change faster than the time that ink takes to dry on paper, its in your best interests to obtain the services of a full service eCommerce agency and play further in the eCommerce game. Its time to obtain the best returns on your ROI and the times could not be better!

Harshal Mazmudar

Harshal is working as a digital marketing manager at Krish Technolabs, uses the web to drive online visibility and generate leads that have resulted in huge ecommerce success. His incessant hunger to outperform is the real drive that keeps him competitive in the online hemisphere.

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