How To Improve Your eCommerce Store Conversion Prospects For The Holiday Season

Holiday season often comes as a boon for many merchants, when they make some of the biggest sales during the year. This is the time when customers are in a festive mood and tend to spend more than they usually would.

So, when customers end up visiting your website, especially during holiday season, you would expect sales to jump automatically. However, getting visitors to your website is a different story from converting them into customers.

What really makes a positive difference for an eCommerce store is the number of visitors who end up buying from you rather than the number of customers visiting your store. Hence, more traffic generally does not mean more sales. However, this means that you can still apply some strategies to increase your conversion rates:

1. Customer Rewards

Incentivize your customers to purchase more. You can implement this strategy by rewarding your best customers. During the festive season, many customers are generally inclined into spending more as they are in a festive spirit. Hence, you can ensure that their shopping desire translates into increased conversions.

Provide customer rewards such as free shipping for orders over a certain amount or a gift card over a certain purchase. Free gift wrapping for products they purchase from you can also help you a lot.

2. Prompt your customers to buy more

Customers are more likely to respond to a situation when there is a sense of urgency involved. Hence, you need to include offers or promotions in such a way that they convey some amount of urgency for the sale. You can convey that a promotion is being offered from only a limited time during your holiday sale. Thus, you will need to also urge them not to delay their purchase too much.

Hence, you can ensure that during the holiday, customers are promoted to purchase more through various call to action strategies. As customers, they can trigger quick specific actions such as buy one/get one free or available for a limited time, or while supplies last. Thus, you will be able to convert your visitors who are drawn to your store for engaging with your products.

3. Engage Your Customers

Now that you understand that your store is drawing customers, you will also have realized by now that there are others in the online market who are selling similar products. As fellow retailers, they are engaging in the same retail ecosystem as yours. Review your website beforehand and ensure that your website is fast and clean with the requisite professional looks, so that you can ensure your brand loyalty and sense of security for your online store.

4. Discounts & Deals

As you will have learnt earlier on, the discounts and deals are a great way to incentivize potential customers towards conversion. Before you go in for the big holiday sale, always try and evaluate which discounts give you the better results. For example, you might want to say “50 % off” or you might want to add a product along with the original purchase and say “buy one, get one free”

5. Always provide detailed shipping information

Provide detailed shipping information to shippers so that they know how to get purchases where they really need to go. It is essential that you be clear about shipping details, pricing considerations, carriers, and delivery promises. Always send out emails to your customers well before the shopping season to outline important shopping and shipping deadlines so that customers receive their purchase before or on the holidays.

6. Be sure about your Return Policy

During the rush of the holiday season, you will probably notice that your returns policy web page is hardly read. Visitors come to your store and are ready to buy, but they hardly understand the importance to read the returns policy. It can so happen that you would want to review your returns policy or want to amend it.

In case customers do return the goods they purchased during the holiday season, then you need to ensure that they are promptly attended to with the help of a savvy and professional customer service department. Also ensure that all customer queries that come through during the holiday season are promptly attended to without any delay. If possible, also provide real-time chat support, so that most queries can be attended to immediately.

7. Go Mobile

Its high time that web businesses go mobile. It was predicted by eMarketer that eCommerce spending in the USA would increase about 15.5% year over year during the 2013 holiday season. Of which, mobile commerce would account for over 16% of this increase.

Hence, it is very essential that e-retailers pay heed to the increasing prevalence of mobile and it is extremely important that you engage mobile customers to assist in increasing your store’s conversion rates, especially during the holiday shopping season.

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