Why Install Security Patches on your Magento eCommerce Website


Recently a major bug called “ShopLift” caused a major world wide security scare among the eCommerce community running Magento. Shoplift is a bug that allows a hacker to take complete control of a Magento eCommerce website and steal consumer information. Most digital agencies world wide installed the necessary patch for the bug. However, does it ever cross your mind to check how secure your own Magento eCommerce store is?

You might be wondering that you do not need to upgrade or install a security patch on your website. However, that might be dangerous to do so considering the online environment you operate in. Hence, the right remedy here is to install a security patch at the earliest. The main purpose of an ecommerce store is to generate revenue and profits. However, you might not want to lose this opportunity by not going in for a security upgrade of your website.

Hence, you need to realize that besides building a big brand image, there are other important things which you need to understand about Magento eCommerce security and that its important to protect consumer privacy and build a good reputation at the same time.

What does a security patch cover

Generally, a security patch covers areas such as vulnerabilities and security vulnerabilities that put customer information at risk or that allow a malicious piece of code that can be run remotely. Some other issues include checkout and credit card capture related security flaws or vulnerabilities that allow unauthorized people in to the admin area of your Magento store.

What you should look for

If its been a long time that you have installed a security update, or if you have never installed a security update, you might want to know whether your store has been compromised in the present or in the past. There are various ways to find out such as checking your site or list of administrator users for unknown accounts. You can also check your Magento Installation for any unknown files and look suspicious. Look for the request POST coming from unknown IP addresses in the server log. Additionally, run a tool to check for Trojans, hidden files, and also check for wrong permissions. Besides, check for suspicious ports being opened or any port redirection on the OS level.

If you happen to face any of these issues, you will need to act promptly and contact a certified Magento expert. Developers at full service Magento Development Companies such as Krish Technolabs can be of great help. It is essential that you protect your reputation along with that of the customers and your store as well!

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