Krish TechnoLabs Dedicates First Quarter Meet of 2018 to its Star Performers

It was fun! It was full of enthusiasm!

KTPL once again emerged as one big family on the first quarter meet of 2018. The event was a huge success and was systematically organised by the company’s HR department. The basic concept behind conducting quarter meet is to make sure that every employee in the company remains updated with the latest information about the things happening in the company. KTPL follows the core value of being transparent with its employees and proves by conducting quarter meets each year for the knowledge of the employees.

The first quarter meet of 2018 was held at Krish TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd with immense zeal and enthusiasm. At KTPL, the quarter meet is held in every three months of the running year, and employees are updated with new HR policies, any change in the existing rules of the company, any announcements to be made and welcomes the new joiners in the company. The most important discussions regarding the company’s growth and what all took place in the past three months are included in the meet. It is essential to have such meetings in the company to create awareness and a healthy relationship among the employees. Let’s have a look at the first quarter meet day at KTPL!

With the arrival of our CEO- Mr. Jiten Padmashali, the meeting commenced with a presentation, welcoming new members to the KTPL family, wishing all the best in life to the newlyweds and congratulating the first parenthood of employees.

Mr. Padmashali pleasingly announced the next level achievement of Krish TechnoLabs as it became a proud Magento Enterprise Partner. Magento Enterprise partners are the firms that provide their customers with end-to-end services including strategy, development, managed services, design, and implementation. Mr. Kunal Kodinariya and Mr. Sumesh Soman played a vital role in the achievement of Enterprise partnership for the company.

Later, there was a louder cheer with sheer pleasure as the announcement of KTPL’s participation in two of the finest international events, Magento Imagine 2018 and Seamless 2018, took place. Seamless 2018 was held in Dubai that significantly provided Krish Technolabs with a platform to exhibit and present the multivendor marketplace solution – Rocket Bazaar to the Seamless crowd. It was a matter of pride that two of the projects, ‘XFactory’ and ‘Vision E-Boutique’ developed at KTPL were nominated for Best B2B and B2C websites of the year at Seamless, Middle East. Additionally, both of these projects were also nominated for Imagine Excellence Awards in the categories ‘Best B2B buyer experience’ and ‘Global Expansion’ respectively.

Adding up to the gratification of KTPL, Rakesh Jesadiya, Sr. Software Developer at KTPL, was awarded as one of the most extensive contributors to the Magento community at Magento Imagine 2018 held at Las Vegas. He laid an example for all of us to work with the utmost dedication and simplicity, which would surely be rewarded.

Apart from the professional events, Quarter meet at KTPL gave in a throwback to the memorable Udaipur trip. A much-awaited trip for the employees to relax and take a collective break from everyday work. Additionally, KTPL took an initiative to boost the morale of its employees by initiating rewards and recognition for the significant ones among all.

At last, the first quarter meet of 2018 at KTPL ended with a loud cheer for the below mentioned most significant contributors of KTPL, without whom KTPL would not have been possible.

Krish TechnoLabs Star Performers

Rakesh Jesadiya (Sr. Software Developer)
– For a large contribution to Magento Community.

Sumesh Soman (Enterprise Sales Manager)
– For extraordinary contribution towards the achievement of Enterprise Solution Partner for 2018-19.

Kunal Kodinariya (Head – eCommerce Solutions)
– For extraordinary contribution towards the achievement of Enterprise Solution Partner for 2018-19.

Justin Thomas (AVP – Business Development)
– For remarkable contribution towards expanding Business in Middle-East & escalating Outbound Sales globally.

Sudhir Birkurwar (Manager – Accounts & Admin)
– For unique contribution in Infrastructure Development, Incorporating Company in the US and Complying GST for Company.

Bharat Maheriya (Manager – Support Services)
– For phenomenal contribution to Implementing Managed Support Service and Providing 24×7 Support to our global clients.

Kuldeep Sharma (Product Manager)
– For phenomenal contribution to our Magento Extensions Store – MageDelight and Growing 100% YOY Sales.

Neek Shah (Client Accounts Manager)
– For phenomenal contribution in Achieving Company’s Commercial Targets & playing a vital role in Managing Clients Accounts.

Ravi Bhalodiya (Manager – Custom Solutions)
– For phenomenal contribution to Leveraging Magento Commerce Cloud Practices & Delivering Successful Solutions.

Ending Notes
KTPL is recognized at the worldwide basis due to its strong commerce capabilities and vertical expertise. We constantly look forward to bring out innovative and illustrious commerce solutions for our clients, globally. It is the dedication and hard work of our diligent team that KTPL is growing successfully.

Vartika Agarwal

Vartika is presently designated as Manager – HR at Krish TechnoLabs Private Limited. She is a seasoned professional who possesses strong exposure in HR Domain which includes Operational and Generalist matters pertaining to HR. Apart from holding PGDM in HR Management she is also a Bachelor of Laws. In her 9+ years of professional experience she has been part of various industries.

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