Latest Magento Version Upgrade: Magento Community Edition Now Released

Magento has recently released the latest Magento version upgrade in the form of Magento Community Edition This is the latest release yet, which includes many contributions from the developer community. This release also empowers merchants to operate their online stores easily and efficiently. The latest update delivers several significant updates relating to tax calculations, functional improvements, as well as security updates. These are briefly described as below:

1. Tax Calculation Updates:

This edition builds upon the tax improvements and provides more accurate and consistent Value Added Tax (VAT) and Fixed Product Tax (FPT) calculations for instances such as cross-border transactions, bundled products, and multi-tax scenarios. It also supports the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling tax in the EU.

2. Functional Improvements:

This edition includes several other important improvements. These include shopping cart, checkout, content management system, and product import and export. These updates come from the Magento community ‘hackathons’, which included contributors from various verticals who contributed to making the Magento platform better.

3. Security Enhancements:

The Magento Community Edition includes several important security enhancements, which helps to further strengthen the platform against potential threats. A range of rigorous processes that included comprehensive internal testing, quarterly penetration testing, and constructive engagement with the Magento development community, were identified as the necessary enhancements, and the necessary steps were taken.

4: Upgrade Recommendations:

Magento recommends that users take a few minutes to review the upgrade instructions and not upgrade the Magento Community Edition in the same directory on the same server as their current deployment. This will avoid any post-upgrade errors. Additionally, users are encouraged to review the release notes besides downloading Magento Community Edition

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