Three Magento Underutilized Features that Help Preserve Sales

Today, Magento has proved itself as the #1 eCommerce platform across the globe. In fact, with each passing day, the number of possibilities that the software packs within itself keeps on growing. As Magento keeps on packing newer and newer features with each new release, the power of Magento keeps on growing exponentially. In fact, many merchants are still unfamiliar with all the features that the latest version of Magento packs.

Let us examine some of the underutilized values of Magento and understand how they can increase conversion while improving your relationship with your customers, especially your chosen target audience.

1. Magento’s Customer Segmentation Feature

To begin with, let us understand Magento Enterprise’s customer segmentation feature. This feature helps categorize clients together based on various characteristics such as age, gender, location, purchase, browsing history, shopping cart items, and such. After this segmentation is classified into groups, with Magento, it is possible to target specific content as well as promotions to those individuals/groups that share common characteristics. With this feature,

  • You can create personalized banners that target promotions which target specific customer segments.
  • Additionally, you can define shopping cart price rules that are based on each customer segment.
  • Further, you can import your customer segmented lists in to your email-marketing program, so that you can create targeted mailing.

Thus, by personalizing your experience for your customer, you can increase satisfaction, loyalty, and sales. Hence, you cannot maximize your profits without understanding who your customers are and what their requirements are. Nonetheless, too many companies fall into the trap of misjudging or wrongly assuming customer needs. You need to discover how to segment them and then categorize your customers so that you can appropriately market your product to them. This approach should form the front line of your eCommerce strategy.

2. Flexibility of Design as well as Theme

The second feature that Magento Enterprise offers is design and theme flexibility. It covers a state-of-the-art theme management system, which gives you all the tools you need to provide the highest quality front-end looks for their customers. Theme flexibility from Magento comes in different flavors, which includes:

  • Mobile Optimization
    Today, the mobile gadget has changed the rules of the eCommerce game as sales through mobile devices will only increase and it will become mandatory for eCommerce businesses to be mobile ready in case they do not want to die out in time. Hence, if you want to serve mobile optimized versions of your website design, you have the unique ability to set the theme exception per user agent via Magento.Thus, you create various layouts, skins, or complete themes for customers, who use a different devices to reach and view your website. This means that you get complete mobile customization, which is a huge advantage for customers over their competitors. This piece if information actually coincides with the 2013 eMarketer report, which says that 15% of all online retail sales will happen via mobile devices. This figure indicates a total increase of 4% from 2012, which will be expected to rise to at least 25% by 2017.
  • Product Customization ControlWith this feature, you get to update the look and the feel of your store in the product and category level. You therefore get an increased power for promoting and marketing your store, so that your store has a unique design.
  • Multiple Theme Setting
    With the help of these theme settings, it is possible to switch between a default store design and temporary event. This means, that the store owner can switch to a season-specific store and also load several themes at once. As the store owner, you can also plan well ahead and then set a theme for a specific date. You can then rollback to your default theme once the specific theme has served your purpose.
    Since a website is an important part of your online presence, it gives you many opportunities to stand out from the ocean of competition. As the overall design and feel of your website are pivotal elements that determine customer gain and retention. Hence, it needs to be understood that rigid web design is a thing of the past especially in the mobile and tablet age. With Magento, you have the all the tools to focus on creative as well as promotional ideas, to go with an optimal level of design and theme flexibility.

3. Preserving Sales through persistent shopping

According to a reputed marketing research institute, nearly 7 out of 10 people abandon their online shopping carts before purchase. At the same time, around 56% of customers leave items in their shopping cart with the intention to return later and make the pending purchase. With Magento’s feature called persistent shopping, it offers the ability to maintain the user the ability to maintain a range of features such as user shopping sessions, which include items viewed, comparable products, and other actions that do not require login to the website. These capabilities also include aspects such as wish lists, recently ordered items, and customer group memberships. The persistent shopping feature also allows customers to add a product info into their shopping cart, then leave. Then they can change the items through their mobile device later. This can be managed via a long term cookie that is stored on their computer, which enables them to find their shopping cart without the need to log in again. Thus, you make shopping more persistent for your customers, while ultimately preserving sales.

Hence, despite the advanced features available in Magento, it becomes necessary for the store owners to fully understand its vast ocean of features in order to fully exploit this eCommerce platform. In case users find difficulty in understanding the system, the fastest and the best way out there is to take the help of established experts such as Magento consultants to sort out their understandability problems.

Harshal Mazmudar

Harshal is working as a digital marketing manager at Krish Technolabs, uses the web to drive online visibility and generate leads that have resulted in huge ecommerce success. His incessant hunger to outperform is the real drive that keeps him competitive in the online hemisphere.

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