What can eCommerce Retailers expect from Magento 2.0

Magento is on its way to release the next edition of Magento which is slated to create ripples in the ecommerce world. Magento 2 promises an improved experience in comparison to Magento 1.x. To give readers a measure of the popularity of Magento, nearly 30 percent of all ecommerce retailers either utilize Magento community or Magento Enterprise according to a research by Ahead Works which was conducted in May 2015. Additionally, the Magento Community Edition has captured more than 25 percent according to the same research.

Following the mid July 2015 announcement by the Magento team about the release of its Merchant Beta version of its Magento 2 platform, which represents the final halt before the GA version is announced, which is slated for the fourth quarter this year 2015.

Currently, a specially selected merchant group as well as partners are working on the Merchant Beta Version Thus, users, will get a brief idea about the quality that Magento is expected to deliver. Thus, Magento 2 when it was announced in 2014, promised:

  • Improved performance as well as scalability
  • Streamlined customization
  • Easier installation
  • Higher quality of code
  • Simplified integration

Right now, a specially selected group of merchants and Magento partners are testing out the Merchant Beta version, a good indication of what’s to come with the full version of Magento 2. A webinar was also held to help the viewers understand the new features that can be expected in the next few months before the Magento 2 GA is released in November this year. Retailers can expect the following changes in Magento 2.

New UX and checkout improvements

The new UX for Magento Admin for Magento 2 is expected to be touch friendly and optimized screen for tablet/mobile. Some of the features that will be included is drag and drop reordering, custom views, and flexible data grids. Also provided as checkout improvements are assumed guest checkout and automatic recognition based on email of registered users for faster checkout. Additionally, billing address is only required when the payment is required. Further, shipping rates are displayed only when the required information has been provided.

Product import and export improvements

Merchants can add products more faster than in the earlier versions. Also, in addition to product attribute swatches, color and text swatches are available.

Performance and scalability improvements

On the server side, Varnish 4 support is provided. Compatibility with HHVM is ensured. On the client side, static content caching in the browser along with reduced JS code and effective image compression. On the scalability side, various steps have been made to increase scalability. These include standalone DB, and compatiblity for MySQL cluster. The various subsystems are completely separated as well.

Catalogue scalability

Without Varnish, the catalogue will scale to 200k page views per hour while with Varnish, the scalability is escalated to 10 m page views per hour. The calatogue scalability has also been improved to 1.5 million simple poducts, k categories, and 150k configurable.

Checkout scalability

Checkout scalability has been escalated to 50k orders per hour for Magento CE while it stands at 90k orders per hour for Magento EE. Additionally, the platform can withstand 300+ concurrent users on order.

Other features

Besides backend scalabilty, we have the new Magento Connect. There will be extended module availability on the connect by GA as well as extendable migration tool will be available for migration from M1 to M2. M2 certifications will be available in late 2016.

Final Thoughts

For those interested further, there is a full video recording of the webinar which discusses Magento 2.0. It is recommended that you take some time off and watch this video!

Thus, you might have realized that Magento 2.0 is not just a product update. On the contrary, it can be considered to be a core update that includes a huge change to the code as well. So, wait with baited breath till the Q4 of 2015, when the update will be finally launched for general availability (GA).

Harshal Mazmudar

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