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As a Enterprise Magento Solutions Partner, Krish TechnoLabs continues to demonstrate superior skills and experience; implementing end-to-end eCommerce solutions on this industry-leading platform. With the help of Krish TechnoLabs, many B2C and B2B brands get the most out of their investment in Magento and leverage this agile platform to improve and expand the customer journey. The combination of our full range of services and unparalleled customer support helps us bring life to our clients’ unique vision of commerce.

Krish and Magento
Krish and Magento

As a Magento Enterprise Partner, Krish TechnoLabs continually demonstrates superior skills and experience implementing this industry-leading platform. B2C and B2B brands not only get the most out of their investment in Magento with help from Krish TechnoLabs, but they leverage this agile platform to improve and expand the customer journey. Wide-ranging services and support provided by Krish TechnoLabs as a Magento solution partner not only enable innovation and drive revenue, but also bring to life each client’s unique vision of commerce.


Magento is trusted by more than 250,000 businesses and supported by a vast developer community globally. Magento Commerce is a leading provider of open omnichannel solutions empowering retailers, and leading brands to quickly and cost-effectively deliver more engaging and rich shopping experiences. In addition to its flagship eCommerce platform, Magento has pioneered cloud-based omnichannel solutions, business intelligence, analytics, industry solutions, and order management technology.

  • The World’s #1 Commerce Platform
  • Unique & differentiated branded experiences
  • Innovation keeping you ahead of the game
  • Boost sales. Shrink costs.


Magento’s worldwide popularity is due to its open commerce product base and its capability to innovate and introduce the latest technologies for merchants and their partners. Krish TechnoLabs has been an early adopter of Magento products and helped numerous brands successfully implement enterprise-level online stores.

Enterprise Cloud Edition

Magento Commerce (Cloud)

Faster, Better, Hassle-free & Secure

Formerly known as Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition, it is an automated and fully-managed hosting platform created for cloud infrastructures. This platform enables rapid deployment of fully customizable, scalable, and secure web storefronts, combined with fully managed services and hosting infrastructure. With robust content delivery network and performance management tools pre-integrated in the offering, contract management is easy.

Magento Commerce Cloud Edition is built on AWS, a fully redundant cloud hosting infrastructure that provides optimized performance, resilience, and elastic scalability. With Magento Commerce cloud hosting, your site is optimized to work hard round the clock and handle your biggest selling day with peak performance shoppers expect.

  • Magento 2 Enterprise Edition Source Code
  • Built on AWS global Infrastructure
  • Fastly CDN and DDoS protection
  • Performance monitoring and profiling tools from New Relic and
  • Continuous cloud integration tools with unlimited users
  • Capacity to expand with peak traffic
  • 24/7 support services
  • Performance monitoring and profiling tools from New Relic

Magento Commerce (On-Premise)

Grow Your Sales to 3X with Rich Shopping Experiences

Formerly known as Magento Enterprise Edition, it is the world’s most flexible eCommerce platform, supported by a global ecosystem of developers, merchants, and partners who help you epitomize your commerce vision.

With a flexible architecture, extensive features, effortless customization, and thousands of marketplace extensions, Magento Commerce helps you create a site for any industry and quickly advantage the market opportunities. This platform is popular among SMBs and an increasing number of large enterprises that require technical support to build and maintain flexible eCommerce solutions tailored to their unique needs.

  • Engaging shopping experience
  • Business agility and productivity
  • Unmatched scalability & performance
  • Enterprise exclusive features
  • Open, flexible architecture
  • Integrate with any third-party solution
  • Commercial license and support from Magento
Enterprise Edition
Community Edition

Magento Order Management

Deliver a Truly Connected Shopping Experience

Magento Order Management is an eCommerce inventory software that makes order management dramatically easy and helps businesses increase revenue by fulfilling orders more efficiently from anywhere to anyone.

The solution connects all the sales and fulfillment channels, collects information from each and organizes processes each order individually. Magento Order Management offers maximum flexibility to efficiently manage your orders, inventory, and fulfillment to increase your order delivery options and sell more.

  • Distributed order management
  • Global view and management of inventory
  • Omni channel fulfillment
  • Tax & fraud payment
  • Analytics capabilities
  • Commercial license and support from Magento

Magento Open Source

A Flexible, Open Source Commerce Platform for Developers and Small Businesses

Formerly known as Magento Community Edition, it is a free eCommerce software that delivers performance and features required to meet today’s business needs. It is a perfect platform for startups and emerging small business websites.

However, if you already have a Magento opensource website, you can partner with us, and we can help you grow your online business to the next level, get ready to upgrade to Magento Commerce, and create something great with more functionality.

Community Edition
  • Open source
  • Free to download
  • Hundreds of extensions
  • Less features than Enterprise
  • No commercial license
  • No support from Magento


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