10 Conversion Optimization Techniques that Surely Click!

In the present times, the work of a customer isn’t related to just one single option of just purchasing or much more than buying. The world of shopping presents infinite choices. Therefore, when customers go out to make a purchase, most online stores present themselves with an array of infinite choices. Hence, its getting tougher for visitors to convert to buyers, especially when the market is full of competition. Hence let us understand what is absolutely necessary in a website to convert visitors to customers.

First of all, you will come across a lot of opinions about how conversion optimization needs to be done. It might be also possible that you have your own ideas on how to proceed. In fact, those doing conversion optimization can be divided into two camps – those who go in for tactics and the ones who actually play out the strategy. While the former follow ‘best practices’, the latter tend to create strategies and insights to fulfill business or corporate goals. The right way forward nevertheless, is to go forward and implement the following points for conversion optimization.

  • Understand your customer fully as also understanding your customers and goals. You need to understand your target group and also want them to understand them. Do you want them to take informed choices? This is the first technique you would implement towards achieving conversion optimization.
  • Once the customers’ goals are understood, you need to identify the problems. Once you understand which type of problem your customers are facing, then you can tailor a solution to your customers as well as your problem.
  • Always conduct A/B tests while going in for email blasts. Take this concept further and apply the same concept to your website. You can try two column and 3 column layouts on your website, or even try and change the images, colors, fonts, sizes, and other parameters. You will now understand that consumers are fickleminded, and even a small change that goes in their favor can improve your conversions to a large extent.
  • If possible, go ahead and get a usability test done for your website. It could so happen that certain elements of your website are a pain for your users, hence they have moved away to a competitors website that is easier to use. These tests are inexpensive to carry out and implementing the results could prove to be very fruitful in the long run.
  • You can also go forward and track how people interact with your website. One of the best tools is Google Analytics, which lets you see where your website’s traffic comes from, and where it drops off.
  • Establish trust within the first few seconds with the visitor. Ensure that users are able to gain trust within the first 15 seconds or so. You can begin by displaying your phone number and contact address. Ensure that your website is consistent in displaying your branding across all pages. Also, try and avoid gimmicks such as pop-ups or pop-unders with your website.
  • If you website is broken, then this is certainly a negative point for your business. It it that only a certain functionality is broken or the entire website? Anything of this type is certainly bad for your business, and this will make your customers run to your competitors.
  • Don’t go in for CTAs that are ambiguous and confuse the reader. Also, its not ok to use puffed up adjectives or lie upfront. Include some space around your CTA’s, so that customers feel comfortable on an overall basis.
  • Don’t ask for more information that what is necessary. You don’t want them to fill out an entire story book in the space provided for actually a contact form. In case you need to contact your customer, then just an email ID or a phone number will be enough, instead of asking them for a valid postal code.
  • Finally, avoid being overly creative with your website, for example, there’s no need to include music on your website, unless you are trying to promote a music virtuoso.

Since attention spans have shortened, decisions every where are short lived and as technology ever plays spoil sport, it is essential that you implement conversion techniques that are in tune with the times. Go ahead an implement these, as you will be reaping the fruits of your efforts in no time.

Harshal Mazmudar

Harshal is working as a digital marketing manager at Krish Technolabs, uses the web to drive online visibility and generate leads that have resulted in huge ecommerce success. His incessant hunger to outperform is the real drive that keeps him competitive in the online hemisphere.

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