7 Extensions That Are Indispensable for Every Magento Store?

Magento is an incredible open source ecommerce platform based on Zend Framework. Its architecture is highly versatile and offers owner the complete control over the content and the appearance of the store. Further, it offers loads of useful extensions to facilitate your Magento store and make profit.

Here’s a list of extensions to enhance your stores online performance by adding the fundamental functionalities.

1) One Step Checkout

Checking out is often the most complex part of placing an order online and as such user avoids placing an order or ideally abandons their order. One step checkout greatly simplifies the checkout process of your Magento store in turn leading to a hike in your sales.

2) Blog

A blog can be a great way to connect with your customers and this extension make it easy for you to integrate a blog into your current website.

3) Fontis WYSIWYG Editor

Magento doesn’t come up with a standard WYSIWYG editor. This extension will allow you to incorporate a Javascript WYSIWYG editor to specific admin pages. It will be useful for store owners who still use the older version of Magento.

4) Google Maps Store Locator

This extension is a boon for all ecommerce stores with different outlets at different locations. It is easy to configure, all you need to do is enter the longitude and latitude of Google Map and store localities.

5) Minimum Advertized Price

Manufacturers and suppliers have their own pricing guidelines that an online retailer needs to adhere to. Minimum Advertized Price allows you to sell products at a price you want without violating the legal implications. It will add a special check price button in place of the product price.

6) MouseOver Image Zoom

With this extension integrated in your store, you and your customers can have a zoomed image of the product by simply rolling mouse over the image. Further you can have a full screen view of the products image by simply clicking.

7) Magento Social Bookmarking Services

This is one of the most useful Magento extensions that let you share your products, categories etc. with your friends on social networks like Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter and more.

I’m sure you all will agree with the above list. Feel free to suggest other such Magento extensions you find are crucial for any Magento Store. Also, Our Magento Experts are highly experienced in developing a high quality magento e-commerce websites for businesses, and actively offer Magento Website Design.

Harshal Mazmudar

Harshal is working as a digital marketing manager at Krish Technolabs, uses the web to drive online visibility and generate leads that have resulted in huge ecommerce success. His incessant hunger to outperform is the real drive that keeps him competitive in the online hemisphere.

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