7 Top Tips to Create Product Pages that Help Conversions

If you are building an eCommerce website or are running an eCommerce store, you will have probably realized by now that amongst the most important pages on your website are the product pages. Therefore, these pages have a special way of being constructed, so that they radically increase your sales.

Thus it is crucial that you understand the importance of your product web pages as you will realize that the average abandonment rate is over 65% and the overall conversion rate is less than 5 percent usually. Thus, you would not like to commit any error. Follow the guidelines provided below for understanding how product pages can be made so that your conversions hit the roof.

1. Crisp Titles and Professional Images

Utilize descriptive titles, but keep them under 70 characters. Utilize keywords as part of the title so that it can be differentiated from other products. Hence, you might have a very popular brand, but for those which are yet to be so popular, you will need crisp titles so that they appear in the search results. At the same time, use images that are shot with a professional camera at the least. Ensure that they are clear, crisp, large, and optimized for the web.

2. Concise Descriptions

Once the title and images are in place, you need to concise descriptions for them. These need to be compelling enough so that they can help the customer make the purchasing decision. Include the product’s salient features and also include bullet points so that you can create eye rests for the customers who then can decide quickly on buying the concerned product. Include keywords in addition to price, shipping information, colors and sizes available and other such information to enhance their buying behavior.

3. Keep it simple

This suggestion is often over looked by many eCommerce merchants. Keep your product pages as simple as possible. Include all the necessary information, but making the product pages look gaudy enough is a strict no-no!

4. Call to Action (CTA):

Always ensure that the call to action buttons are large enough and consistent. These should be large and prominently displayed. The best places for these buttons are underneath the product or to their right. The same principle also applies to prices as they can be put to the right of the product image or even underneath the product’s image.

5. Product page load times

Make the product page load times shorter, which means that your product pages need to be loaded quickly. Longer than three seconds means that the prospective customers become fidgety and impatient, which could mean that you could lose your prospective customers for ever.

6. Build up customer confidence

You can build up customer confidence via measures such as customer reviews. This means that the prospect that the customer will buy is far more higher when they read a positive review. Its psychologically comforting that some one else shares the same views as you do.

7. Include Shipping costs, videos, and daily deals.

Provide accurate shipping costs so that customer confidence remains pepped up during the entire shopping session. At the same time, they help avoid shopping cart abandonment. Customer videos will help customer learn more about the products and see them in action in real life. Also include daily deals, so that you create a sense of urgency while selling a product.

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Harshal Mazmudar

Harshal is working as a digital marketing manager at Krish Technolabs, uses the web to drive online visibility and generate leads that have resulted in huge ecommerce success. His incessant hunger to outperform is the real drive that keeps him competitive in the online hemisphere.

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