Advantages of Magento over osCommerce

When it comes to ecommerce and shopping cart software, osCommerce was amongst the leading software in the market. However, since the launch of Magento, developers are gradually shifting towards Magento, causing a dramatic change in the software scenario around the world.

With the introduction of Magento, it seems that osCommerce is beginning to fade away. Even a cursory search on Google trends will reveal that osCommerce is lagging behind Magento, which comes at the top of the list.

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Despite osCommerce being one of the pioneers in the market, the above trends suggest that osCommerce is fast losing the game. Customer preference for osCommerce is fast fading. There are a few reasons why Magento is now leading the trends and why magento developers are supporting Magento more than ever before. Here’s why Magento is preferred over osCommerce these days:

Magento is like osCommerce plus all the sophistication. It includes all osCommerce features along with a variety of add on modules. With Magento, developers can even setup a multiple stores using the same products while quoting different prices.

As far as software quality goes, osCommerce is very cumbersome to use and is extremely outdated, leaving no possibility for updates. This has proved to be a hindrance for developers who have found that Magento is regularly updated and fixing any bugs.

Magento allows developers to install default templates without any hindrance, while it’s pretty difficult to install a default template using osCommerce. Another advantage of Magento is that it is capable of being used on mobile devices.

With Magento, it is possible to use cleaner codes. The user interface is extremely brilliant well. With osCommerce, the codes are comparatively bulky.

All in all, Magento’s flexibility has won the hearts of developers while osCommerce is still difficult to work with despite being so many years on the market


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