Are You Migrating Your eCommerce Store To Another Platform? Check This Out!


When clients migrate to Magento from another platform they are often very nervous about their SEO and search engine rankings. Such questions come from novice as well as experienced questions, though the severity of the questions differ. The basis on which the rankings are preserved is the 301 redirect, which helps maintain search engine rankings. Basically, a redirect is a process by which one URL is forwarded to another. A 301 redirect signifies that a URL has moved permanently, while a 302 redirect signifies that a URL has moved temporarily.

When is a 301 redirect created

Hence, when a content that has been created for one URL now permanently resides at other, then a 301 redirect is created. Thus, with a redirect, it is not only possible that your customers are able to find the correct content at the right URL after you have moved, but that search engines also follow suit and index your page suitably. This is essential for eCommerce stores, since they need to maintain continuity in their business. Thus, a 301 redirect is crucial for an eCommerce store, so that businesses can change domains or even move to a new platform.

What if the redirects are not properly created

For businesses who do not create proper redirects, these can witness their traffic drop to zero overnight. For a business that has won traffic the hard way, this is not what you want. Hence, although the process of moving your website to a new domain is simple, any backlinks, bookmarks, and page rankings that you might have created with your old platform will be gone. Thus, the 301 redirects must be created before flipping the DNS so that you can avoid the above problem and keep your SEO intact.

In case you are moving to a new platform, you will still need to create 301 redirects between the old URLs and the new URLs to maintain your SEO. However, the job to create page to page redirects from the old platform to the new platform is a time consuming task, and the failure to do this result in the loss of bookmarks, page rankings and backlinks associated with the old platform.

The reason is simple – it will become difficult for Google to find you. Thus, without creating these redirects, it can so happen that your store’s revenues could drop to zero in a span shorter than you can imagine. Therefore, why not plan out your migration in a seamless manner! In case if you’ve been facing problems with your migration, then why not contact us! We are a full service eCommerce agency and provide you with best-in-class migration services and advice.

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