As one of our ‘high road’ practices, Krish Believes In Giving Back To the Community

Giving back is the most important and valuable thing that helps you grow as a human being. Krish TechnoLabs has always had a legacy of giving back and supporting local communities. We’re involved in a number of charities, and recently we visited Humankind – An NGO that delivers education, health, and social services to underprivileged children in Sabarmati Township.

Krish Believes In Giving Back To the Community

We planned pre-hand that we’d be presenting skits related to personal hygiene; teach them good habits and how to keep themselves safe from diseases. Along with that, we planned some fun games and activities to be played with the children and offering them healthy snacks.

Small actions make a big difference, and here’s how we actually learned this.

While enjoying with those children we noticed that each child is unique and special. The skits prepared by us were real fun to them, but honestly, they all knew the basic things related to hygiene, beforehand. And, the questions we asked them were accurately answered by small toddlers. The only thing they lagged behind was the luxuries and amenities; our children are privileged of. This gave us an understanding of how our smallest of contributions would make their faces smile with joy and cheerfulness.

Here’s what our employees felt after spending 3-4 purposeful hours with the less-fortunate children:

Being a volunteer, I think that life can be hard and volunteering offers a new perspective. It helps you see your life in a whole new light. Aagam Talsania, Business Development Executive, Krish TechnoLabs

I visited an NGO for the first time and realized just how much people like us are truly needed. Memories made here will always be cherished – Bhupinder kaur, Sr. Content Writer, Krish TechnoLabs

Krish TechnoLabs Charity event at Humankind

The fact that I motivated kids to live better gave me a pure joy. – Jignesh Sorathiya, Sr. software developer, Krish TechnoLabs

About Humankind NGO

By drawing on its experience and insight, Humankind has developed and implemented a holistic development model where every child attains the right to education, development, and participation. By caring for and developing the children and youth from the poor families, this model is focused on helping them to become well-educated and self-dependent members of the society who further volunteer children like them.

Our vision is to create a sustainable future for the poor children. The NGO is supported by partnerships within the public and private sector, and we take pride in the fact that Krish TechnoLabs is our patron and they’ve been providing various amenities and education fees for children since last few years. We congratulate them on contributing and giving back. – Uttam Sharma, NGO Manager

Giving back is a part of our office’s culture

Krish makes a difference by contributing in a generous and charitable way; trying to make this world a better place. We’d love to hear from our readers their volunteer experiences or anyone near to you who are doing their bit in the education of the underprivileged children in any form of teaching – academics, sports, music, craft and more. Your story could encourage others to get involved.

Vartika Agarwal

Vartika is presently designated as Manager – HR at Krish TechnoLabs Private Limited. She is a seasoned professional who possesses strong exposure in HR Domain which includes Operational and Generalist matters pertaining to HR. Apart from holding PGDM in HR Management she is also a Bachelor of Laws. In her 9+ years of professional experience she has been part of various industries.

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