Better Your Bottom Line by Improving Your Shopping Cart

If you are noticing that customers are wildly abandoning their shopping carts, then it is certainly time for to worry. At the same time, you will draw some consolation from the fact that you are not alone. Reputed researchers point out that the average eCommerce abandonment rate hovers around 68%. However, you can still improve your figures as each eCommerce site’s problems vary from each other. Hence, why not follow the following eCommerce practices to improve your site’s eCommerce conversion rates

1.Customers use smart phones to make purchases as well

The earlier notion that customers use their phones just to conduct research on their smart phones. However, this notion is now changed, as nearly 79% customers say they also use their devices to shop. Hence, ensure that both your site as well as your checkout processes are optimized for a superior mobile experience. As part of this requirement, it is essential to ensure that customers can see your product images without either pinching, zooming, or scrolling. Form fields as well as buttons should be explicit and easy to select, so that other items are not accidentally selected. Also, the form should be short and should not ask for explicit information. In this manner, you will turn your shopping cart into a mobile friendly utility.

2. Improving your speed time can help improve your prospects

The next step is speed up the load time of your website. This is because researchers have rightly point out that a second, which is related to your business’s average cost per order, can cause a 7% decrease in conversions. Hence, go ahead and increase site speed to improve your conversion rate. Besides, you might also want to clean up superfluous code as well as other nasty page elements.

3. Be transparent about your shipping costs and fees

If you are not transparent about your shipping costs and other fees, then this is an incentive for customers to abandon their shopping carts. In this manner, you can expect around 56% of your customers to say bye bye to your website. Unexpected costs or fees can present itself in many ways. These can be shipping costs, processing fees, taxes, additional expenses in whatever form, which can be enough to turn of even the keenest of customers. If you still persist in doing so, you can rest assured that your customers will head off to the nearest competitor.

4. Highlight the security credentials of your shopping cart

It is also a great idea to highlight the security credentials of your shopping cart. These are the familiar logos as well as the lock icons that at every step in the check out process, so that your customers can easily trust your website as well as your payment process without a doubt.

5. Show progress through out the checkout process

It is also a good idea to show progress throughout the shopping process. The customer needs to presented with a “complete purchase” button, instead of a series of “next” buttons, which will help the customer stay with the site and complete the purchase. Otherwise, they will find another website that is less time consuming and will make their purchase there. It is crucial to understand that customers purchasing via their smart-phones will find it easier to complete the process.

6. Allow customers to remove items from their shopping cart

To conclude, it is a wise idea to allow customers to alter the content of their shopping cart. Some customers add a lot of items to their shopping cart only to remove them later and buy just a few. In such cases, if they cannot remove the unwanted items, they will bid your website goodbye.

As you will have learned, shopping cart abandonment is a major malaise affecting the online shopping community currently. Hence, you will need to test specifically what is applicable for your website. With a fair amount of tweaking or even approaching a full service eCommerce consultant of your choice, you can witness your bottom line improve.

Harshal Mazmudar

Harshal is working as a digital marketing manager at Krish Technolabs, uses the web to drive online visibility and generate leads that have resulted in huge ecommerce success. His incessant hunger to outperform is the real drive that keeps him competitive in the online hemisphere.

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