Comprehensive Checklist of Magento Security Features to safeguard your eCommerce Store

With the evolution of eCommerce industry, the platform structures are changing dramatically, incorporating new features to deliver better user experiences. When it comes to eCommerce platform, Magento is considered as the most secured, most updated platform mainly because of the eCommerce developments and regular updates.

In our recent post : 4 Risks that May Lurk in Dealing with your Magento Store’s Security, we discussed the security risks that may steal your Magento store’s charm and profitability. Now, let’s have a sneak peek into various Magento security features and expert tips to fix the issues and safeguard your eCommerce store:

1. Regularly Update Magento versions

Magento is regularly updated with security patches and best extensions. It is important to stay informed about the latest versions when the release is out, test it and get implemented.

2. Use Secure FTP Connection

Intercepting FTP passwords is a common trick used by hackers to gain access to websites. So, it is important to use secure passwords and SFTP (Secured File Transfer Protocol) which use the private key file for the authentication of a user.

3. Disable directory indexing

By disabling the directory indexing, you can hide the distinct pathways via which the files of your domain are stored and harden the security of your store. It prevents cybercriminals from accessing core files on your website.

4. Using two-factor authentication

Today, a secured Magento password is not enough to prevent cyber-crooks from attacking your website. You need a two-factor authentication for your Magento site security so that you don’t need to worry about passwords and Magento security risks.

5. Set up custom path for the admin panel

It is very easy for hackers to access the admin panel through standard URL login page by guessing passwords. You can avoid this by using a customized term which will block attackers from occupying on to the admin login page even if they anyhow manage to crack the password. You can easily change your Magento store admin path by these three steps:

  • Locate /app/etc/local.xml
  • Find <![CDATA[admin]]>
  • Replace the term “admin” with your custom word or code

6. Acquire encrypted connection (SSL/HTTPS)

Whenever the data flows, across an unencrypted connection, there is a certain risk of that data being intercepted. This can give assailants a peep into your credentials. It is critical to use a secure connection to eliminate these issues.

You can get a secure HTTPS/SSL URL on Magento by simply clicking on the tab “Use Secure URLs” in the system configuration menu. This is also a key factor in making your website compliant with the PCI data security standard and in securing your online transactions. You can get SSL certification by StartSSL which will also help you in becoming PCI compliant.

7. Have an active backup plan

You cannot be fully safe & secured from cyber attackers, but regularly saving backup copies can save you from many issues. Remember, don’t save them on the same server with the original website and routinely restore your copies on a sandbox account to ensure that they’re working well. If you save backup copies and the original website on the same server and if the server crashes, not only the hacker will get access to your server, but he’ll also have access to backup copy, which you surely don’t want.

8. Use strong passwords

Always focus on your Magento store’s security when you are deciding a password. Use standard password techniques which involve a combination of upper and lower case alphabets, numbers, and special characters. Additionally, you can protect your passwords by not using the same combination anywhere else, while keeping it complex and exclusive.

9. Eliminate e-mail loopholes

Although Magento has a great password recovery facility, you need to ensure that the e-mail address you are using for your Magento website is not known publicly and it is protected with two-factor authentication. Such email hacks can create a lot of trouble, and your whole Magento store may become vulnerable.

10. Get a Magento security review done

Although many Magento security experts claim to be good at coding only a few understand the intricacies of Magento site security. But, no one is so perfect to rely upon entirely. It is always a good idea to have yearly reviews of your website for possible loopholes and security shortcomings. If correctly done, these reviews help in further tightening of your Magento security measures.

11. Stay in touch with Magento Community

Magento has an active community of developers, merchants, and evangelists who are always there to help you. The Magento Community members release security reports on various versions of Magento when available, and you can also search and post queries regarding any security issues of Magento or its features.

In a nutshell

Whether it is safeguarding consumer’s stored data with best practices or protecting active transactions to prevent fraud, merchants have plenty to think about the security of an eCommerce store. Magento 2 is the evolving eCommerce platform with a wide range of robust security features that offer great benefits for online retailers, making the Magento 2 migration increasingly necessary.

At Krish TechnoLabs, we orchestrate modern e-commerce stores to enhance the security of online stores through built-in tools that streamline key processes and make it easier to control activities across the platform. Through our managed support services we make every effort to ensure foolproof security of your servers and provide blazing fast website performance.

Even though we have tried to give you the ultimate Magento security checklist, there are many complexities which you may face on a regular basis. Do share your Magento security tips and tricks in the comments section given below!

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