Fashion Commerce – New Trends in Fashion eCommerce Development

Such headlines in newspapers indicate that people have innate desires to be stylish in order to stand apart from the rest or grab the eyes of onlookers even without any reason of biochemistry!

The fashion industry nourishes all such intentions beautifully by providing thousands of products literally moving around the same aims.

For instance, clothes and their accessories, cosmetics, perfumeries, jewelry, and health cum beauty products are few names that depict categories or components of the fashion industry.

Among all these, apparel industry claims a big chunk of fashion world across the globe and seems synonym of the fashion industry. Therefore, clothes stores are familiar sights in the brick-and-mortar market as well as in the ecommerce world.

Fashion Industry Tech Revolution

With the Advent of Technologies, Everything is Changing

Recent tech revolution at electronic gadget fronts have triggered mobile era, and smartphone with mobility Internet has created disruptions in traditional shopping behavior of physical touch and brought revolutions to examine products using computer generated content.

Shoppers have no longer any disappointment due to lack of physical trials, as Virtual try-On technologies accomplish it all. 3D fitting technologies have broken distance barriers to check clothes fittings, glass & frame fitting, jewelry matching, even cosmetics trials are a simulating reality in a real-time manner, just with a high-end camera or photos with desired resolutions.

Moreover, social media networks have integrated social factors seamlessly in the fashion world. The modern shoppers are enjoying quick and plenty of social gatherings online to ask for opinions, views, reviews, and experiences instead of striving for humans with honesty in brick store shopping.

Do You Belong to Fashion Industry

Today Every Business Strains to Beat Competition

If you are an established fashion industry component thinking of your online identity, or a startup with practical ambitions in ecommerce, the aforementioned expectations not much advanced besides fast loading, mobile friendly, and excellent user experiences like popular demands of modern tech-savvy shoppers.

When you look at Fashion Commerce like fashion industry solutions, the chances are high that its truly advanced features and functionality may cool your eyes and gratify your brain.

Possibility of such features and functionality are:

  • Personalization (M2O) opportunities: You can give your shoppers to personalize your products by selecting appropriate color, design, tailoring cut styles, and so on
  • Size Engine: Without any help of scanner, Selfies, or tape measurement, size engine generates clothing recommendations to enable shopping while on the go
  • Style Quiz: The majority of shoppers living in ambiguity regarding fashion styles that suit them best, so Style Quiz extracts it all and formulate their fashion persona for recent and future use
  • Stylist Panel: Educating consumers in real-time for style selection enhance conversion, it becomes easy after Style Quiz
  • Shop By Look: Availability of online look book ease the life of fashion retailers to showcase the latest collection through decent photos and integration of Shop by look features makes bulk purchase smooth
  • Rich Media Interface: Multimedia content offers rich media experiences when we make available on all devices screens, and rich product information at consumers’ fingertips enhance unique brand experiences
  • Mobile Commerce: We make Fashion Commerce compatible with modern mobility through Mobile Commerce features, so you can secure payment by your choice of payment gateway or method ease the life of handheld holders

Do You Eager to Bring All Ecommerce Advancements

Krish Techno Lab is a full-service ecommerce agency and Magento Silver Solution Partner. With more than 3000 successful ecommerce store development, we are only focusing on ecommerce niche.

When you decide your ecommerce development partnership with us, you may realize following benefits:

  • #1 Awesome Team: You need not strive for a seasoned ecommerce design and programming team with fashion industry experiences because we have a team of more than 125 ecommerce technocrats with designing and programming flairs in the leading ecommerce technologies like Magento.

    Therefore, today we have more than 35 Magento Certified Developers working with 12+ years of experiences and offering end-to-end ecommerce solutions.

    Moreover, we have earned Google AdWords Certified Partnership & ISO 9001:2008 approvals for Ecommerce development.

  • #2 Mobile Ecommerce: Mobile friendly online storefronts are in the list of our portfolio, which offer native mobile experiences and we can do something for you too for that you can pride for being in the list of positive user experiences applications for your fashion ecommerce.
  • #3 Satisfied Clients: With stunning visuals, performance optimization, and conversion optimization we have delivered fashion industry viable ecommerce solutions. Moreover, rapid turnover, instant communication channels, and compelling conversations with offshore clienteles are peculiarities that every fashion business loved, which had dealt with us.
  • #4 Cost Efficient Development: the implementation of modern software development strategies and methodologies are aiming to deliver highly cost-effective ecommerce solutions without any depletion in quality for your fashion ecommerce solutions, and we have gained applauds from our patrons for our cost efficiencies.
  • #5 Solid Infrastructure: High-end ecommerce designing and development is hardly possible with little resources and infrastructure. Therefore, we have invested enough to be compatible with hardware, software, networking, and physical environment to bring the creativity of talented designers and developers to the table.
  • We Have Got Applauds:

    We have indeed added the values in “Shop Sky” brand, which is a sensual spirit of Southern California style in LA. Our touch has 38% increase in transactions, 63% boost in revenue and 85% additions in site volumes with the introduction of Fashion Commerce solutions by Krishtechnolab.

    The same stories repeat in the case of Blossom Costumes, Nylon Journal, Shirt Workx, Navali, Pookie, TimeByMe, Colomer & Sons, and Watch partners.


    The fashion world is evolving, and technological advancements infuse new hopes as well as challenges to beat ever-growing expectations of modern shoppers.

    Adoption of modern tools, technologies, and techniques are essentiality rather than a reality for fashion brands across the world. Kooky cutter features and functionality have no place at all in the development of ecommerce solutions for fashion brands.

    If you believe that we could be your right and dependable Fashion Industry Ecommerce partner, let’s have a virtual meeting to dig further possibilities with our impressive ecommerce solution consultancy.

Harshal Mazmudar

Harshal is working as a digital marketing manager at Krish Technolabs, uses the web to drive online visibility and generate leads that have resulted in huge ecommerce success. His incessant hunger to outperform is the real drive that keeps him competitive in the online hemisphere.

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