Five Effective Ways to Create an Outstanding User-Driven eCommerce Experience

As part of the ongoing eCommerce trends, the online shopping marketplace is growing at an ever increasing and incremental pace. As customers become more loyal to brands based on their experiences in the online sphere, it is becoming even more important for companies to build and capitalize on this loyalty by offering more user-driven eCommerce experiences.

To give the reader a brief idea of what user-driven eCommerce is, this element of commerce is designed to transform your website from just a simple online store into a completely interactive place on the Internet, where your customers can interact with your brand while making it a destination for product information and interact with a top community of loyal customers.

As a competitive eCommerce company, it is essential for you to focus on your customer-driven experience, other wise you might miss the opportunities that allow you to add value through the growth of your online brand and your user community. Hence, it is essential for you to focus on five key user-driven areas, so that you can immediately connect with your customers.

1. Provide the Opportunity for Product Reviews

Product reviews are a powerful tool to promote the reason to use your products as they allow your customers to grow a community through discussions surrounding your products. Through product reviews, your customers can provide a means to express their satisfaction about what you offer them through your products. Through product reviews, customers can examine whether they will be making a good buying decision. Another additional benefit is that people who felt good about your product go ahead and provide quality recommendations to like minded users as well. All this cascades into the creation of an environment that bodes well for eCommerce and can be extremely rewarding for your customers.

2. Include Incentives

Yet another way of providing a more user-driven effective eCommerce experience is through incentives. In this manner, you will be able to provide customers with access to reward programs associated with your online as well as offline stores, and get them incentivized to visit your site. Incentives can vary in the form of discounts, promotions, and even customer loyalty program rewards. However, when you provide your customers with these little extras, you can increase the word-of-mouth promotion as well as build positive brand affinity.

3. Provide your Customers with Education

Ensuring that your website is content-rich provides your customers with an opportunity to educate your customers a great deal about your brand as well as the products you sell on your site. The first thing that customers look for after arriving on your website is information that helps them feel as comfortable as possible about their purchase decision. Hence, your role is to provide them with enough information so that you give your customers the decision making advantage that your competitors haven’t provided.

Additionally, brick and mortar stores also provide your customers with the opportunity to see, feel, and touch the actual products, which eCommerce sites cannot. Hence, it is your obligation not to leave your customers in the dark, since while you cannot provide them with an in-store experience, you can offer an educated experience alternatively. This will lead to more educated customers who are more confident and qualified to take the final decision and make an online purchase.

4. Engage Social Media

Social media has emerged as a crucial benchmark that determines whether your eCommerce website will stand the test of your client community. To ensure business success, eCommerce brands are increasingly embracing two-way online communication strategies so that they can ensure their relevance in the midst of other brands. Networks such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and others have become the mainstay tool for eCommerce businesses whether large or small.

The key is to engage an effective social media strategy so that you can drive traffic to your site. A user- driven social media experience will help your brand to become highly adaptable in the consumer sphere while you will be able to learn from their interaction with the brand, which in turn nurtures their interest to see your brand succeed and grow. Hence, you need to listen to the right channels that broadcast you relevant and authentic information about how your site could do well by engaging customers in a sincere conversation that could go a long way to build on the brand’s success and consequently your online business expansion.

5. Listen and Respond to Feedback

It is extremely crucial that you listen to your customer feedback as well as opinions to ensure that you continue to strengthen and build your brand. Ultimately, you have built your website for your customers. It is but natural that they will have several progressive ideas that will help improve your website experience for them.

The right way forward is to quickly respond to relevant customer feedback, as it will help your business evolve in the right direction. Hence, leveraging your customer’s voice can have a synergistic effect on your online business and can lead to a corresponding increase in brand acceptance and consequently sales.

To summarize, the final bit about creating an authentic user-driven experience for your eCommerce website is to understand the underlying factor, which is that your customers can be very opinionated about the products or services that your website provides and they are extremely enthusiastic about letting you know their eCommerce experience.

Many customers will be glad to know that their feedback has made a outstanding difference to your online business. Hence, instead of making them participate in a rigid one way process, your can count on their feedback and opinions as part of a two way process and acknowledge that they have chosen your product instead of going to the competition. After all, make them feel validated by acknowledging they are the reason for your ultimate business success.

Harshal Mazmudar

Harshal is working as a digital marketing manager at Krish Technolabs, uses the web to drive online visibility and generate leads that have resulted in huge ecommerce success. His incessant hunger to outperform is the real drive that keeps him competitive in the online hemisphere.

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