Five Magento SEO Best Practices for your Business Success

SEO for eCommerce stores is a crucial aspect of the entire online marketing strategy for many store owners and eCommerce enthusiasts. For those running their eCommerce business on the Magento Platform, the SEO aspect becomes all the more vital.

Many Magento stores are typically larger than the average typical website, and require a close look at the depth and breath of their various product and category pages. Hence, it is necessary that the following points are taken care of in order that your Magento store succeeds online.

1. Ensure that White Hat SEO techniques are used:

A lot of people out there will advise you to incorporate certain techniques that might not sound ethical. Hence, if you try and adopt a strategy which you think will fool Google into giving you a high ranking, then its time that you got wise.

These days, Google has become increasingly adept at ranking websites based on the content quality and search relevance. Hence, these techniques, at best, will make your site plummet down the SERPs.

2. Understand customer’s online behavior:

If you are trying to target a specific group of people through your SEO strategy, then you need to understand the online behavior of that particular segment while searching for products. You will certainly agree that you can utilize qualified sources of traffic to pull customers to your website, but again, from the view point of the visitors, they have come to your site because they caught sight of something that made them intrinsically decide so.

Such customers are more likely to purchase a product, but more often than not, they require some help to do so. This target can achieve by providing your customers better-optimized pages as well as placing your product pages higher up the SERPs for increased relevance.

3. Optimize Category Pages for Better User Experience:

Optimizing your category pages will do your website immense good. Treat your category pages as individual home pages for the products they talk about rather than treating them as an intervening substance between your product pages.

Ensure that your pages are content rich and added emphases is placed on the keywords, especially in the page title. You can also include deep links from category to the product pages, not just for SEO purposes, but also for the user experience.

4. Optimize the Use of Alt Tags:

Google Image Search functions as a powerful tool in order to pull visitors to your Magento eCommerce website. In many cases, potential customers utilize images to search for the photos or products which they would like to purchase.

This search pattern is all the more observed when people search for apparel or fashion products. Hence, if you have a website with products that fall under one category, or multiple photos of a given product on a single product page, then proceed by tagging each image with the alt text. This could reflect the various features that people could be searching for.

You will also have to consider how to avoid duplicate content, how to manage product pages for products that are out of stock or out of season.

5. Ensure that customers reach their desired products asap:

It has now been proved that visitors are in the habit of scanning websites instead of reading them completely. Therefore, if they are unable to find the right words they are looking for, they could become easily disoriented and leave the website.

The right way to stop this behavior is to place your on site search box prominently in the upper part of your website. A search box needs to stand out from the other boxes, so it could be larger and of a different/contrasting color.

Make your searches more relevant so that products you want to sell faster can get located at the top of the search results. Search results coupled with an appropriate landing strategy can thereby ensure that your customers reach their desired products asap.

Several online stores running Magento routinely best SEO practices to improve traffic to their websites and increase sales. Why not utilize a full service eCommerce agency to ensure your website also improves its performance. Achieve higher sales and increase your AOV as well as ROI.

Harshal Mazmudar

Harshal is working as a digital marketing manager at Krish Technolabs, uses the web to drive online visibility and generate leads that have resulted in huge ecommerce success. His incessant hunger to outperform is the real drive that keeps him competitive in the online hemisphere.

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