Four Important Steps for Marketing your eCommerce Website to the Right Audience

If you have gone forward and taken the bold and the appropriate step of launching an eCommerce business, then you have done the right thing. However, to take this endeavor a step forward, you do not need to sit back and watch the sales grow automatically – as they will never, but go into proactive mode and take the necessary steps to begin marketing your eCommerce website to your target audience.

1. Engage your audience proactively

As a proactive seller, you will need to engage your audience in many ways. Today, eCommerce is not considered novel or unique. On the contrary, it is considered an addition to the existing features already provided by online as well as offline dealers.

Today, as mobiles are increasingly becoming the in thing and often the norm for purchasing stuff online, it is time for businesses to realize that the competition has grown and it will continue to grow. A small business can be launched within a single day at nominal online costs.

Hence, as competitors grow, you need to become more and more proactive in order to sell your wares. You need to learn the art of customer engagement and ensure that your customers respond.

2. Obtain the necessary feedback

According to Forrester Research, more are more companies will be driven by customer experience. The driving force behind companies will be the experience that customers provide to them. This means that online customers will have an increased say in the feedback process as the means to provide such feedback will be provide to them in an effort for improvement and increased 360 degree interaction.

Customer experience management will see an increased role, as companies contacting those who leave negative reviews or feedback for resolution have shown a sharp increase. At the same time, those who leave positive reviews need to be acknowledged as well, and this is seen as a turn in positive customer engagement.

Hence, be open from your visitors for negative as well as positive feedback. This will help you redesign your site if needed, and also if essential, re-do crucial elements such as navigation and the shopping cart.

3. Launch a promotion to get the site rolling

Promotions are the essential element of the marketing mix even if you market online. This is even more indispensable, as the products that you sell online might not get the attention of busy and on-the-move customers.

Once you have effectively communicated to your customers, you will need to ensure that your customers act upon your communication and go in for the promotions that you launch.

As a tip, you can easily launch a promotion in order to pitch your site to the buyers. Run special sales, contests, games with prizes, the list is endless…

4. Seek reviews and criticism from new users.

Today, many merchants have realized the importance of reviews for eCommerce stores. Yes, reviews leave a strong impression and have a considerable influence on purchase decisions. Positive reviews tend to influence more purchases, while negative reviews tend to hold back customers from buying products. In a reputed survey that was conducted, as many as 85.57%of the participants said that they referred to reviews often or very often before they made a purchase online.

As a tip, you will need to reach out to new users because they are valuable sources of criticism and reviews as well. Improving your website is a constant endeavor, hence your website should be a continual improvement endeavor. Several services and websites exist which can help you gain proper reviews and criticism from a wide spectrum of users.

At the same time, check your figures – such as Google Analytics and other important statistics to ensure that you are doing it right. At the same time, you can also connect with an experienced eCommerce agency to get your marketing efforts right! These are not the only steps you need to take…The list is endless!

Harshal Mazmudar

Harshal is working as a digital marketing manager at Krish Technolabs, uses the web to drive online visibility and generate leads that have resulted in huge ecommerce success. His incessant hunger to outperform is the real drive that keeps him competitive in the online hemisphere.

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