Four ‘Out Of The Box’ (OOTB) Features of Magento EE that Help Conversions

With Magento Enterprise Edition, many a times it so happens that clients install extensions and modules that can often be met with the help of the out of the box functionality (OOTB) that Magento provides. So, in this article, let us study some of the features that will help you use Magento EE efficiently without the need of getting the help of your developers to develop a custom module or solution for your eCommerce store.

1. Inclusion of Customer Segments

Customer Segments is a powerful tool in Magento EE which many merchants do not understand or do not know how to use it effectively. Utilizing Customer segments can help you increase conversion rates as well as the number of returning customers. You can set a couple of simple conditions to understand how customer segments can be introduced.

For example, you can setup a condition such as all customers who have purchased a particular item costing over $ 500 in the last 25 days. Now from here, you can create a shopping cart rule that apply to only certain customer segments. By also using rule based product relations, and creating banners (which can be inserted by using widgets on CMS pages, categories, or product pages), you can personalize the user experience further.

2. Addition of Rule Based Product Relations

It often happens that users have large product catalog. Hence, it can be daunting enough to set up related products, cross sells as well as up sells. Therefore, you can utilize the rule based product relations tho help you automate this. Hence, once properly set up, you can set which products will appear as related products, cross-sells and/or up-sells, that are based on the conditions you choose. Here, no manual assignment is necessary and you can provide a highly personalized user experience for your customers.

3. New Visual Merchandiser

The Out of the Box (OOTB) functionality was missing up till the Magento EE 1.14 release. So, you could not see ho your products would appear on the front end, hence you had to use the positioning numbering, so that you change the appearance of products in a particular category. Thus, if you wanted a visual merchandiser, you would need to use many of the modules that are available to the Magento Community. Now, from Magento EE 1.14, the visual Merchandiser is an OOTB feature.

It is now easy to drag and drop and also save your products with ease. Also, it is possible to see the new positioning for the website. Additionally, two new features have been launched which are “Hero Products” and “Smart Categories”. Thus, “Hero Products” allow you to specify which product should be displayed constantly at the top of the category page. Also, the smart categories allows users to add products to categories which are actually based on the certain preset conditions.

4. New OOTB Reward Points

Rewards points feature is available from a wide range of 3rd party services, however, Magento EE provides an excellent feature that will help reward customers OOTB. With the OOTB rewards points, it becomes very easy to set up and configure how reward points can be earned and how many reward points can be earned via each interaction.

This list is not exhaustive as more features are available. Additional features are also packed into Magento 2 which is due for release soon.

Harshal Mazmudar

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