Four Professional Roles Within An eCommerce Agency That Ensure Project Success

If you are investing your time and money in setting up a new eCommerce store, then you will have comprehended by now that implementing the project from start to finish is a daunting task indeed. A few of the many challenges that you will probably face are costs, timelines, as well as business environment changes that could necessitate changes to your online business model. Similarly, if you are re-platforming your website, then such challenges could necessitate a rethink on the entire process.

In order to successfully implement a new eCommerce project or launch a new eCommerce website, you need to understand that it may become necessary for you to rely on a professional eCommerce consulting and development agency to help you execute the process smoothly from beginning to the end.

Behind the scenes, any responsible eCommerce agency would further rely on it talented pool of professionals to help accomplish the project. In this article, let us briefly browse through some of the professional roles that an eCommerce agency would ideally rely upon to accomplish your project:

Manager Accounts:

A professionally motivated eCommerce agency will have on its payroll at least one account manager to establish the overall success of its relationship with the eCommerce client. The account manager acts as a bridge between you as the client and the eCommerce agency. They work towards the success of the project by implementing current industry trends and best practices while uncovering mutual growth opportunities. Their work begins right after implementation kick off as they maintain trust and coordination between the eCommerce agency and you.

Manager Projects:

The project manager is yet another important functionary at the eCommerce agency. His or her role is to achieve client engagement along with project success. The PM is responsible for delivering the client’s project within the mutually decided time-frame and within the decided budget. The PM follows a defined delivery process to ensure that you receive the completed project to your complete satisfaction.

Manager Engagemen:

The Engagement Manager works closely in tandem with the Account Manager to focus on client satisfaction. The main role of this professional is to manage the project risk and ensure that the delivery process is followed thoroughly throughout the project’s lifetime. The Engagement manager mentors and coaches the Project Manager to ensure the success of your project.

Project Application Coordinator:

The Project Application Coordinator or simply Application Coordinator ensures the success of your online store after it has been launched. The main responsibilities are to monitor and manage the day-t0-day ongoing support of your website. The Application Coordinator is expected to respond to enhancement requests as well as emergency issues. They are also in charge of maintaining coordination with the appropriate resources to ensure that these issues are amicably resolved. The Application Coordinator also works closely with Account Managers to ensure complete client satisfaction.

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