Four Reasons Why Your Magento Website Could Be Slow!

Today, many eCommerce merchants are now migrating to the Magento eCommerce platform for several obvious reasons. These reasons include the fact that Magento is a fine application that can be set up with perfection to deliver exceptional results. However, if your Magento website is running slowly due to certain reasons, you could be as well as losing sales. Hence, why not take a break from your busy schedule and understand the reasons why your Magento website could be running slowly and preventing a fine user experience on both the front-end as well as the back-end :

1. Does your website suffer from extension overload?

Your website could be running slowly because too many modules have been added to a website even if the website could do without it. Although modules may be required to solve a particular problem, they often come with extra functionality, which makes no sense if your website is going to be overloaded by it. Often disabling a module in the Magento Admin does not disable the module like you intended. Often, it takes the services of an expert to completely remove an installed module from the system.

2. Did someone tamper with your core Magento Code?

Although it is not advisable to tamper with the core Magento code, many-a-times, some developers go ahead and do it. Although this might be to do a small change, it is not recommended to tamper the core Magento Code. Also, for non-developers, coming to know that their core Magento code has been altered, can be quite difficult. The likely indicators are often slow response times as well as continuous errors.

3. Have you implemented the Magento Full Page Cache?

Magento Full Page Caching is a feature, which allows for enhancing performance by storing the most recent versions of the pages of your website on the server. Since caching improves the server response times, it reduces the load and increases the sustainable traffic. In case you are running on Enterprise, you need to check if FPC is enabled. However full page caching is not a standard feature in case you are not running enterprise.

4. Is your hosting Magento specific?

You will also need to determine if your hosting is Magento specific or not. First determine the hosting that you are on, and verify if the hosting indeed is affecting the Magento operating speed. If you have an unsuitable server solution, it could impact your processes to a large extent. In many instances, it has been noticed that though Magento has been setup correctly, but the server is not able to cope up with the processes of Magento.

This list contains only a few specific points why Magento could run slower than normal. This is just an indicative list which can be appended to but some of the primary causes are mentioned here. Why not contact a full service Magento eCommerce agency to help you identify the issues that your Magento eCommerce website might be facing!

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