From Magento developer to Magento Masters 2018, Rakesh Jesadiya shares his journey at Krish TechnoLabs

A heart-warming moment for Krish TechnoLabs, Magento has officially declared one of our comrade Rakesh Jesadiya as Magento Master 2018 in the Maker category. Rakesh is selected based on his 2017 contributions through consistently moderating and helping others on the Magento Forums and on Magento StackExchange as well as extensive contributions to Magento DevDocs.

To get to know a little about this achievement, we have taken the opportunity to ask him some questions:

How and when did you first get involved with Magento?

I joined Krish as a Jr. Magento developer in 2015 and started exploring Magento Stack Exchange to have hands on the newly released Magento 2. Fortunately, I was assigned the first Magento 2 project in the company. I got obsessive of helping people with their issues on Stack Exchange and continued to contribute to the community and spreading the spirit of the Magento Community. In May 2017, I was nominated as a Top Magento Contributor for India and got recognition at the Magento Live, Bangalore event. It was an amazing experience meeting Magento mavens and most importantly, meeting Sherrie Rohde, Community Manager, Magento Commerce. When I asked her the mantra to Magento Masters, she kindly responded – contribute to Magento Community Forums and Magento DevDocs. This was a turning point for me as I started helping people and actively engaging on both these platforms along with Magento Stack Exchange. Next up, we had a big Magento event held at our own city Ahmedabad, and I got a prominent recognition as Top Contributor, India. And today, the dream came true – Personally, it is an honor to receive this recognition.

How and why do you think, you’ve been given this consideration?

I think there are many people out there who deserve it and I am sure that in the future they will get it. Well, the truth is that this recognition is based on internal nominations within Magento and take into account certain parameters. The recognition has been given to me for the approach that I followed this past 2017, as I participated as an active contributor in the Magento Community forums and DevDocs.

How will it affect your work future? What does it mean to you personally?

At work I do not think it affects me at all, I’m very happy with Krish TechnoLabs, I can research and carry out projects marking the development strategy and I also have time to interact with the community, learn from them and also help them. I have a lot of freedom but I also have a great responsibility. This gives me wings to continue working. This award is not only mine, it is for all my team, and I urge them to contribute so that the Magento community continues to grow in India and in the rest of the world.

For those who want to know more about what is a Magento Master here you have more information. A huge congratulations to the other Magento Masters for 2018. Meet the 2018 Magento Masters:

2018 Makers
Frequent contributors valued by Magento and other community members. They actively engage with others in the Magento Community, sharing ideas, insights, and constructive feedback.

Carmen Bremen
Rafael Corrêa Gomes
Rakesh Jesadiya
Hirokazu Nishi
Brent Peterson
Óscar Recio
Sonja Riesterer
Kristof Ringleff
Danny Verkade
Kuba Zwoliński

2018 Mentors:
Top contributors to the Magento Community who are highly active educating others and developing resources for them. They have proven expertise on building successful Magento implementations.

Damián Culotta
Gabriel Guarino
Vinai Kopp
Sander Mangel
Tom Robertshaw
Fabian Schmengler
Anna Völkl

2018 Movers:
Magento’s top advocates and ecosystem thought leaders who have demonstrated their expertise in driving innovation through Magento solutions. They are influencers in the industry in delivering best-of-class Magento implementations and advocate for Magento at industry events.

Miguel Balparda
Phillip Jackson
Jisse Reitsma

The 2018 Magento Masters will be announced at the Magento Live conference in Las Vegas in April. A truly proud moment for the whole Krish team.

Vartika Agarwal

Vartika is presently designated as Manager – HR at Krish TechnoLabs Private Limited. She is a seasoned professional who possesses strong exposure in HR Domain which includes Operational and Generalist matters pertaining to HR. Apart from holding PGDM in HR Management she is also a Bachelor of Laws. In her 9+ years of professional experience she has been part of various industries.

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