Have you got your SEM Checklist Right for the Holiday Season?

Now that it is close to the holiday time, it is certainly going to be a great time for the holiday revelers. However, it could be a nightmare for your eCommerce store operations if you have not planned out your eCommerce Search Engine Marketing Plan.

You might have taken certain steps such as stocking up your ware house or even going for proper site maintenance, but of paramount importance is the need to organize you search engine marketing check list, since the major, major impetus is towards getting the maximum volume of traffic towards your site during the holidays.

1. Prepare a Comprehensive Keyword List

All search engine marketing plans include the use of keywords. Optimize a comprehensive keyword list that you should have already prepared for use in the holiday season. In case you have a tighter budget, then why not go in for testing your keyword performance or use keywords directly in the landing page copy? You can also choose negative keywords, since your aim is to generate qualified traffic and filter out the unwanted visitors from coming to your website.

2. Keep a marketing Calendar

Keep a marketing calendar and mark the important dates. This include dates such as Boxing Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. You might not have lined up any special promotions during these days, but it is important to plan for deliveries.

3. Update your products in Google Merchant Center

Its also time to ensure that all your products in the Google Merchant Center are updated. If you have a new version or model of your product, then ensure that GMC reflects that, else you are bound for trouble. At the same time, you need to ensure that the prices that are put up there are the prices that you will charge actually, and that there is no discrepancy in the prices on product GMC and your actual prices.

4. Take a look at your Email lists and send dates

Special care needs to be taken about the email send dates. These dates tend to occupy more space on your marketing calendar as they are sent out at various intervals to encourage and entic people to buy as part of a campaign. Now a days, you need to include a double opt in process, so that you do not fall foul of the law. At the same time, you need to understand that some customers might never open the email or might never respond despite opening the email. You need to purge your email lists from time to time and perform ’email-list housekeeping’ to stay lean and profitable.

5. Ensure Error Free SEM Ad Copy

Finally, you also need to ensure that your SEM ad copy is relevant and correct.
Make sure they land on the right landing page and they get what they have expected to see. So if you have advertised for camera lenses, they get to see camera lenses on your landing page and not any other camera accessories, which could confuse them completely. It takes only a few seconds to make or break a visit and a consequent sale, hence make sure your ad copy is perfect.

While planning out your SEM checklist, make sure that you get it right. Thus, make your efforts for better sales and revenues worthwhile during the holiday season worthwhile. Good Luck!!!

Creating a checklist for SEM for your holidays is quite a simple task, and most of you should get it alright. However, you might need the support of a qualified full service eCommerce consulting agency for your business requirements. Why not use their services if you find it too hectic?

Harshal Mazmudar

Harshal is working as a digital marketing manager at Krish Technolabs, uses the web to drive online visibility and generate leads that have resulted in huge ecommerce success. His incessant hunger to outperform is the real drive that keeps him competitive in the online hemisphere.

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