Holi Celebrated With Gaiety and Fervor at Krish TechnoLabs!

On Thursday, 5 March, 2015, the traditional festival of Holi was celebrated at Krish Technolabs, Ahmedabad, India with much gaiety, tradition, and fervor. The staff of the entire company from both the offices Viva III and Arya Arcade gathered at the terrace of Arya Arcade and merrily splashed colors and greeted each other with the shouts of “Happy Holi.”

Mr. Jitendra Padmashali, CEO of Krish TechnoLabs, welcomed the occasion with a message that encompassed his good wishes and warm feelings towards the participants. He wished that the festivities would promote harmony and happiness while bringing prosperity to one and all.

For the staff, the festivities ushered in a mood of dynamism and happiness as each and every participant got smeared with an amazing myriad of colors. The festivities were followed by sumptuous snacks, after which every one dispersed for the day.


Krish TechnoLabs

Established In 2003, Krish TechnoLabs is a full service Magento eCommerce agency that provides more than just eCommerce solutions to the leading brands and companies around the globe, who have endorsed our skills and acumen. We are the experts when it comes to eCommerce strategy, platform implementation, support and maintenance and even performance commerce.

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