How can Magento Consultation Help You Set up a Robust and Dynamic Online Store?

For eCommerce site owners, downtime and website issues can hurt their business and negatively affect their image. You could be a small or a big enterprise, but with the rapid growth of the eCommerce industry, it’s important that you implement the right strategies to thrive in the industry. The best strategy is to stay proactive about your website maintenance.

Are you facing issues like poor website performance, and decreased traffic?

If your site appears to be slow, you should look into your web server’s overall health and verify whether it is operating normally and isn’t affected by excess load. Most ecommerce owners lack technical know-how and decide to hire a dedicated team for support and maintenance to avoid facing some unpleasant surprises.

What unpleasant surprises? Here are just a few you might have experienced and all of which can be resolved by a strong support team.

– Slow website
– Website Outage
– Security system becomes a huge risk
– Poor Performance
– Website Crash

And, here’s where the urge for Magento consulting services comes in. Most businesses around the world have witnessed some real upsurge on parameters like unique commerce designs and the technical know-how. Do you want to optimize your store and make the most out of it?

It’s time to enhance your eCommerce website to boost performance through proper management of listings, less loading time, feeds with frequently updated content, well-organized product information, hassle-free purchase process, and a bug-free platform, which all the customers really need.

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There we come to your help with our years of hands-on experience and expertise on Magento consulting. Our professional Magento eCommerce consulting team helps clients across the world to build highly functional eCommerce stores and boost the performance by hitting new heights.


Let’s check out the roster of Magento consulting services offered by us:

1. UI and Customer Experience Enhancement

We use Google Analytics and other online tools to make data-driven decisions on how we can improve your users’ experience on the website, reduce cart abandonment and bounce rates, and increase conversion rates.

2. Magento Migration

Magento is the most popular e-commerce platform available; its scalable nature helps businesses migrate their online stores as they grow. You can leave your Magento migration worries to us, and we will make your online business thrive on the Magento platform. All you need is a comprehensive Magento consultation for a smooth and efficient migration.

3. Google Analytics Maintenance

Apart from regularly monitoring Google Webmaster Tools, we also configure and maintain data from Google Analytics and report optimally. This helps to make actionable decisions and ensuring all the tracking codes are in place, setting up events and goals as needed, creating customized reports to meet your business needs, and creating advanced segments.

4. Split testing

We design and implement split tests if required, using Visual Website Optimizer to test your ideas as well as our suggestions and figure out the changes to be implemented on your site.

5. Performance Analysis and Enhancement

After evaluating the current performance and bottlenecks of your store, we provide the useful recommendation to boost your site’s speed, increase traffic, and enhance user experience.

6. Reporting

We regularly report our clients on the actions we’ve taken and how these changes reflect on your website’s performance and your business revenue.

Bottom Line

The base of any outstanding and profitable business is laid in the right business strategy that leads to its aims and goals. A company website can leave a lasting impression on your customers and helps largely to achieve this goal. Following this idea, our Magento experts make efforts to build up a business rather than a plain-Jane eCommerce store.

If you’re interested in hiring us as your magento consulting firm, just get in touch with us and rest assured for the best eCommerce store.

Jiten padmashali

CEO & MD of Krish TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd, a full service eCommerce agency specializes in eCommerce consulting, design, development, integration, marketing and support.

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