Importance of a Trust Seal on Your eCommerce Website

As an experienced eCommerce website owner, it would not have been difficult for you to realize the numerous problems that arise out from the customer’s side if they cannot place their trust on your website. In the virtual world, it all depends upon the trustworthiness of your website, especially when it comes to financial transactions.

What is a Trust Seal

If customers don’t trust you or your website, they will not buy from you. Therefore, one of the best ways to increase trust in your website is to include a trust seal. This trust seal is an emblem or badge from a reputed player in the market identifying that the website that displays the seal is legit.

A trust seal is associated with SSL, or secure socket layer. This means that the site has been verified for secure transmission for customers, so that they can safely enter their credit card information. Today, two general kinds of SSL exist. These indicate standard and extended validation SSL certificates. Accordingly, the EV SSL certification require additional effort to check out additional information about domains. Hence, their cost is slightly higher.

Why Include a Trust Seal

Trust seals are important because they emphasize the value of trust and enhance the overall value of the eCommerce websites. In fact, many customers expect to see some sort of seal on the home page of an eCommerce website. Additionally, many online shoppers even canceled their online order since they did not ‘trust’ the transaction, or they did not complete the purchase.

The current scenario is that the smaller websites happen to get more sales by using a trust seal. In fact they witness about 20% or more conversion because of the trust seals. Hence, the research is clear that the trust seals matter. However, which trust seal is the most reliable?

Which Trust Seals are the Most Preferred

According to various research reports, trust seals such as Norton, McAfee, TRUSTe, and BBA Accredited are most preferred seals. Some customers don’t buy from an eCommerce website since they don’t recognize the seal. Besides, the seal, there are more trust signals that you need to utilize. These include reviews, which they trust as much as personal recommendations.

At the same time, the site web design also matters a lot. You also need to consider that the site design should reflect modern trends if the online customer needs to trust you for further transactions. Yet another way you could increase the trust factor of your website is by placing your phone number, email, address, and social signals through out your website, so that you can continue to establish trust right across your website.

trust Seals Actual Insights

To conclude, the trust seals are important to establish trust across your website, putting the mind of your customers at ease. This is a huge factor that can improve sales. Rather than just including a logo, display reviews, testimonials and go for a top notch website design. Also, you might want to make it easy for visitors to get in touch with your website should they have any questions.

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