Improve Your Magento Store’s Performance and Sales With These 3 Simple Tips

If you are running a Magento store to run your online business, you might be focused on improving sales a bit more, so that you can be more profitable than what you were in the last quarter. Since Magento offers a complete range of possibilities to improve your store’s performance, let us begin examining a few of them, so that you can improve your store’s sales for the better:

  • Use redirects to improve site-search
    If you would navigate to Catalog ? search terms, then you will be able to see all the search terms that are used in the internal site search as listed in a grid. You can now edit these and set which query is the synonym for some of the products, categories, or brands. At the same time, you can even set redirect URL’s as this is an extremely powerful way to instruct Magento to return any URL instead of returning the search results when the user enters a given query. For example, a sale query could redirect your user to a sale page on your website and so on.Additionally, you can optimize your internal site search in many other ways. Instead of using Magento’s default site search functionality, it is possible to implement SOLR. Some of the other possibilities include implementing a 3rd party solution such as Google Custom Search.
  • Cut down the number of exits from the shopping cart page.
    If you notice, you might come across a problem while analyzing the data contained in the Google Analytics and the Google Webmaster tools data. If thre are a lot of website exits on the cart page, its very much possible that there are a lot of returning visitors who are searching for your brand name along with your coupon code. The search terms could differ, but the aim is very nearly to search for this combination.This is generally a common problem that most Magento cart pages face as most users think they will find the coupon code on the shopping cart page. If they don’t find it there, its quite possible they leave the site to locate your coupon code on Google or elsewhere.You can easily reduce the number of people exiting from your website, as you can easily offer information on how to get the coupon code right next to the enter coupon code field. You can put up a light box pop-up explanation that you can get a coupon code via free subscription to your newsletter or via a similar strategy.
  • Fix the Mini Cart Functionality
    The last few versions of the Magento software includes a problem with the default theme regarding the min cart functionality. It leaves some of the visitors stuck as they are unable to proceed to the checkout. This usually happens while the user has the product still in the cart and the product then goes out of stock or becomes unsaleable due to some reason. The checkout button simple disappears and the user is unable to proceed to the check out as no notification is presented to the buyer. The user can only finally see a warning on the main checkout page that some of the products are out of stock. This can be rectified by adding instructions to get the button back by instructing the user to get the out of stock item from the cart to get the checkout button back, so that the user can proceed to buy the rest of the items.

These are just a few of the tips that you can implement while using your Magento powered e-store for increasing your sales volumes. Let’s hope your sales do improve as does your profitability and sales volume.

Online sales volumes are now threatening sales via physical stores and it seems that the future of retail is eCommerce. Present day eCommerce encourages visitors to enter the site, make purchases, and proceed to the check out, while motivating the individual to come back for more. While this article gives you a glimpse into how to implement certain tips to improve sales, why not consult an eCommerce agency about how to go improve your online sales, which can be one of the options you can go for right away.

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