Indoor Olympiad@Krish TechnoLabs – Returns with an OverLoad of Mega Entertainment!!!

GET READY! Saturday Fun and Frolic at Krish TechnoLabs is back again.  As Team Krish will recall, Saturdays @ Krish are specially devoted to organizing fun and learning events. The previous events were screening of a gala comedy movie “All the Best” and a workshop “My Role – My Life” by Human Resources Consultant Mr. Vatsal Shah.

This time, HR@Team Krish is organizing a fun filled, electric, and exciting series of events starting from 13th September 2014.  This sports marathon is Krish Technolab’s very own way of enjoying fun and entertainment, with the help of meaningful indoor sports games such as chess, carom, arm wrestling, and theme-based paintings.

The carom event will pit some of the game’s stalwarts against each other, while the onlookers will cheer up the entire team while both rivals attempt to win the Carom Queen, while the Carom strikers fly across the board and pocket the black/white Carom men (disks) to finally be the winner. The knockout round will distinguish the men of mettle from the rest of the participants, while the semi finals and the final round will decide who is eligible for becoming the Carom King of Krish TechnoLabs.

The game of chess will decide who has the grit and the nerve. Defeat the opponent’s defendants and check mate the opponent’s King in this highly analytical game of wit and strategy!  If this is not enough, in comes the game for the strong-armed. The opposing participants playing will try to apply strong arm tactics’ against their opponent and will attempt to pin the opponent’s arm to the surface of the playing table in the game of arm wrestling. Also included is a theme painting event for the employees who are gifted with this skill.

From the HR point of view, these events will prove to be a useful de-stresser and will help to knit professional bonds, but for the participants, it is an entire duration of thrill and exhilaration during the entire course of the event.

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