Introducing Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13 – An enhanced solution for Enterprise level businesses

During the recently concluded Imagine Conference that was held at Las Vegas, USA, Magento announced that Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13 is now available. To give readers a brief recap about Magento Enterprise, it is the most sought after eCommerce platform presently for enterprise level businesses and organizations.

Magento’s enterprise edition is being adopted by companies all across the ecommerce spectrum to improvise their businesses and revolutionize how people buy on the Internet. Today, Magento Enterprise powered websites help people buy a range of products such as eyewear, automobiles, health products, communications gear, automation, and a host of other products and services. Today, using Magento Enterprise sends out a strong signal – and that is you are growing strongly in your ecommerce business.

The introduction of Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13 sends out Magento’s message that it is sensitive to the growing needs of eCommerce merchants all around the world and that Magento also continues to grow with them. For this reason, Magento 1.13 is the most powerful and scalable versions of Magento introduced till date. Some of the key features of Magento Enterprise 1.13 are as below:

Optimized Indexing

Magento Enterprise 1.13 has been optimized to enable significantly faster indexing. This has a limited to no impact on the customer’s shopping experience. Therefore, it becomes easier for customers to add and update products more frequently. It also becomes easier for store owners to ensure that URL’s, promotions, navigational menus, as well as product search tools are always complete and up to date, while preventing the slowing down the performance of the online store at all times. Magento Enterprise 1.13 incorporates incremental indexing that reduces the need to perform a full index. Besides, most indexing operations are now fully automated, saving the time, effort, energy, and the need of dedicated staff to look after indexing operations, and focus instead on revenue generating activities.

Improved catching

Magento Enterprise 1.13 full page caching ability helps to ensure that high volume pages are loaded quickly. The latest version improves caching to enable better performance without affecting the performance of the website for customers. Improved caching performance of the Magento Enterprise 1.13 edition also reduces the server load drastically. This enables the store to support larger volumes of traffic and even conduct back-end operations flawlessly.

Speedier Checkout

Magento 1.13 also features a speedier checkout flow due to its ability to reduce page load times for browsing and placing orders. Due to this ability, customers enjoy improved satisfaction, and a better shopping experience.

Enhanced Tax Calculations

The latest version of Magento Enterprise also includes algorithms that improve tax calculations that eliminates potential rounding offsets. These can be displayed on buyer facing screen.

Enhanced functional improvements

Magento Enterprise 1.13 features more than 350 functional improvements in key areas. These include the web-store itself, the shopping cart, admin order creation, import and export functionality, web API components, and payment methods.

With Magento Enterprise 1.13, it is possible for eCommerce merchants to take their business to the next higher level and help you achieve even greater success in your eCommerce venture. Contact Us to upgrade your current Magento store with Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13.

Harshal Mazmudar

Harshal is working as a digital marketing manager at Krish Technolabs, uses the web to drive online visibility and generate leads that have resulted in huge ecommerce success. His incessant hunger to outperform is the real drive that keeps him competitive in the online hemisphere.

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