Is Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 beneficial?

2016 has arrived and it’s time to make some crucial decisions. It’s always a matter of confusion when there is a talk about choosing one from the two best choices. For all the Magento Lovers, it will be really tough to decide on whether to switch to Magento 2 or stay with the Magento 1? Well, the answer is not so simple and it is going to take a while we discuss about the comparison, difference, pros and cons of both the platforms before we come to any conclusion. In this post, you will get the answer of many questions like: Why should I upgrade to Magento 2? Is it painful or worth? How to do Magento 2 upgrade easily? When is the perfect and precise time for the migration? Which are the vital things for the migration? What are the important things for merchants that they should look for or taken care of? Is Magento 2.0 the best software ever published? Magento 2 brings a new playground for merchants and solution partners alike, I love the fact that Magento has finally shipped its new product. So, let’s try to answer these basic questions:

Easy to Tackle Design Management:

Worried about the technicality in the next version of Magento? You need not to be as newbies will be delighted to know that the new Visual Design Editor will simplify the design management as it is quite straightforward. One of the best and easiest to use feature is ‘Drag and Drop’ with which any merchant can alter containers and blocks with no special effort. 1-0 to Magento 2.0 because of its easy to use and understand capabilities.

Beneficial for the Shop Owners:

Good news for the shop owners as the new version is including a set of modules which permits them more and more flexibility. Now, Merchants can disable, enable or replace the components whenever they need it to be done (with the help of a specially developed interface). If you want to eliminate complexity of Magento, then you should use the CMS platform as the cart will cater with such opportunity. Thus, the component oriented module structure has got everything what the Magento merchants requires.

Alteration in the directory Structure:

The directory structure has been modified tremendously so as to make the store management speedier as the number of root directories is reduced to 5 from 9. Moreover, Magento application files can be placed outside of web-server document root by the shop owners In the previous version, lot of files were bifurcated among error, skin, media, js, but now the new directory ‘pub’ will contain all the data for publicity.

Check out and page load speed:

0.75-1.5 seconds / page is the page load time for home, category and product page, really? Yes, Magento 2 delivers incredibly fast loading page speed. It is readily providing best shopping experience by compressing images, integrating Varnish cache and minimizing JavaScript. Each step has been allotted around 1.9 seconds for the checkout process. Also, because of big Magento database for the order management, checkout and catalog, it supports 3.5 M page views / hour and approximately 2.5 L orders / hour. Thus, it is promptly designed to assist you in any busiest business days.

User can simply create account with just 1 click without any interruption in the transaction. Two-step Checkout procedure is rapid and hurriedly minimizes the step making the shopping easier. Shopper can narrow their product options and search precisely what they are looking for with powerful search.

Efficacious Personalization

Magento 2 authorizes personalized experiences on data influence content and other site behavior to hold the key to success in the cut-throat competitive eCommerce scenario. The transaction becomes easier because of the engaging and unique experience over every touch point. Presently.

When is the best time to upgrade to Magento 2?

It really depends on your site condition as it you are using new Magento version such as 1.14 EE or 1.9 CE, then you don’t need to be hurry. Instead, you can start exploring Magento 2 or talk over with your solution partner to have some plan. If you are using old version or even you have severe difficulty trouble with the new version, then you should update it without giving the second thoughts.

Will it be irritating or polished process?

Although, migration tool is all set to assist you and the solution partner with the products, store setup, orders, promo rules and other data to move between the platforms but code and theme customization (which comprises of 3rd party extensions) would have to be compulsorily reconstructed on Magento 2. Thus, functional and visual revamp will add extra bucks in the process.

Let’s see why it is a good thing to do:

  • You are able to get rid of some of the legacy code
  • Take an overview to reconsider about your business as a whole
  • You can improve overall usability of your site


It is obvious that Magento 2 can be a lifesaver if you have 50+ extensions on your store to rethink and redo the things in an effective way. There are more than 2.4 L shops on Magento 1.x. We’re trying to stay on top with our Trained Solution Partner badge and we suggest that you should too approach this changes. These are the changes that are peculiarly focused at cart developers and e-merchants. But along with opportunity expansion, Magento is trying to improve usability and make itself understandable for the common user.

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