Krish TechnoLabs Celebrates 14 Years of Innovation, Excellence and Performance

Krish TechnoLabs, the pioneer in building end-to-end ecommerce solutions for various industries celebrated its annual meet-up with employees at Hotel El Dorado on Thursday, 25th May 2017. This year’s Annual Meet marked the 14th anniversary of Krish TechnoLabs and was celebrated with full zest and fanfare in the name of Innovation, Excellence and Performance.

Krish TechnoLabs Celebrates 14 Years

Another great year has slipped away and here we are, on the threshold of accolades and accreditations from Magento Gurus for the work we’ve done for our precious clients.

The event was inaugurated by the HR Manager, Mr. Nishith Parikh with a welcome speech, and followed by a Quiz game where the players were all the employees. Mr. Justin Thomas, Sr. Business Development Manager hosted a Quiz game of questions to test – How well do the employees know about the clients they are working for? And What impact do we make on our clients when they experience increased business sales and escalated ecommerce growth?

Mr. Nishith Parikh

It was a fun-filled way to show the employees, the big picture (statistics of augmented sales and revenues) behind their tremendous efforts. Mr. Justin described how our teams have carried out the most challenging projects of our valuable clients and helped them elevate their ecommerce to higher levels.

Mr. Justin

Further, Rakesh Jesadia (a reticent employee in the rowdy groups), who was acknowledged as a major contributor in the Magento community at a recently held MagentoLive event was awarded with the certificate of excellence.

Rakesh Jesadia

Time flies and brings with it freshly brewed plans, processes and people……

Proceeding ahead, the CEO and MD of Krish TechnoLabs, Mr. Jiten Padmashali along with Mr. Vatsal Shah, Chief Consultant and Mentor presented the mission statement and goals to be accomplished by Krish Technolabs in 2017-2018.

The CEO and MD of Krish TechnoLabs, Mr. Jiten Padmashali

“Coming together is the beginning, Keeping together is progress and Working together is Success.”

At the end, Mr. Jiten said “Together We Can”, since he firmly believes that the immense success of Krish TechnoLabs (Ecommerce Powerhouse) is the outcome of working together, together as a team….

The surprise pack of the evening was getting inspired by one of our employee Bijal Bhavsar. Yeah…

Bijal Bhavsar

Despite of having an incurable disease called Lymphedema, she manages her work-life balance far better than the people around. She shared a few words about her tough times and how she fights with her inner soul to get ready to work every day. She’s a perfect example of motivation!

Another great inspiration was our honored guest, Mr. Uttam Sharma who shared his thoughts on how one can overcome at personal as well as community level. He spread the importance of helping or adopting the under-privileged children and shared his feelings and the transformation of his life after deciding to teach a couple of children in his spare time.

Mr. Uttam Sharma

“A great employee is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have” – Tammy Cohen

Krish TechnoLabs has an influx of new faces in last two months and they were warmly welcomed by having the Cake-cutting ceremony. We wish them an amazing career with Krish TechnoLabs and expect them to make their contributions in the company’s betterment.

Cake-cutting ceremony

Lastly, celebration was summed up with mouth-watering Indian food and a guitarist playing live music.

Krish TechnoLabs Celebration

We wish every KTPLite a long and prosperous growth trajectory in the coming years. We also wish you a career that is driven by passion, loyalty, a strong learning power and subsequently, a good work-life merge.

Vartika Agarwal

Vartika is presently designated as Manager – HR at Krish TechnoLabs Private Limited. She is a seasoned professional who possesses strong exposure in HR Domain which includes Operational and Generalist matters pertaining to HR. Apart from holding PGDM in HR Management she is also a Bachelor of Laws. In her 9+ years of professional experience she has been part of various industries.

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