Magento Enterprise 1.14.1 Yields Much Better Performance Results in Benchmarking Tests

Benchmark tests are routinely carried out to discover and test the efficacy of software and its performance on the hardware it has been designed to use. According to Webopedia, benchmarking is a test that is “used to compare performance of hardware and/or software…When comparing benchmark results, it is important to know exactly what the benchmarks are designed to test…”

Top eCommerce developers such a Magento also rely on benchmarking tests to prove the efficacy of their systems. In a recent test conducted by Zynovo, which is a 3rd party Magento system integrator, it was discovered that:

  • The Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 is the fastest and “most CPU efficient version” of the Enterprise Edition yet. In a series of benchmark tests, the Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 provides a 27% to 48% faster server response time in comparison the the previous Enterprise Edition versions across all page types.

This means that a faster response time of the EE 1.14.1 helps create a better shopping experience while improving conversion at the same time.

  • At the same time the application server CPU utilization is 37% to 44% lower than previous versions.

What this means is that merchants can save more money by handling more traffic by utilizing the same infrastructure. They also have a range of options as well as flexibility when they plan further or on-going site infrastructure requirements.

  • The test also discovered that PHP 5.5 responds better by way of improved application server times and better CPU utilization rates on the Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 while compare to previous versions of PHP.

This actually means that merchants can go ahead and improve their conversion rates their savings by upgrading from earlier PHP versions.

All the benchmarking tests were conducted utilizing the free Magento Performance toolkit along with relevant guidelines called the Magento Performance Testing Guidelines. These guidelines contain the recommended baseline settings for benchmarking the performance of the Enterprise Edition.

Additional features that have been incorporated as part of 1.14.1 package are:

  • key enhancements in visual merchandising
  • better responsive designing capabilities
  • better ability for merchants to organize their products on category pages
  • new drag and drop tool to allow preview of how products appear to shoppers
  • ability to make real time updates in response to customer demand/inventory data
  • ability to boost security and performance
  • better site speed, reduced memory usage and enhanced debugging tools and scalability

Using Magento for your business for your enterprise or business is no longer difficult. For merchants looking to exploit the advantages that the Magento EE 1.14.1 offers, it is no longer arduous to harness its unlimited potential. Krish Inc. offers its expertise on Magento EE 1.14.1 to exploit its unlimited potential. Do not hesitate to contact them right away!

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