Embrace Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition To Boost Your B2B Market Capabilities

Today, businesses want to quickly conquer the market by serving both B2B and B2C customers. Magento rules the $6.7 trillion B2B market space that is what motivated to work with B2B companies to develop this new offering directly.

The Need of Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition.

As global manufacturers and distributors adopt Magento Commerce as a substratum for partner and customer experiences, the eCommerce mammoth Magento has extended the B2B market capabilities that empower brands to transform and grow. From Community edition to Enterprise edition, and now the Magento Enterprise Cloud edition, Magento has steered into the post-SaaS era of eCommerce.

From SaaS to PaaS: A new era of eCommerce technology.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is a Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) designed and built to power innovative eCommerce websites. The cloud edition allows developers rapid deployment using top-tier cloud technologies with the flexibility of the enterprise edition where you have the flexibility to switch and move from Magento’s cloud to your own cloud.

The Cloud version runs on Amazon Web Services, a reliable cloud hosting infrastructure which offers enhanced performance, elastic scalability, PCI compliance, flexibility, round-the-clock support and automated patching. AWS makes it easy and affordable for the companies to move to the cloud. That’s probably why AWS was used highly in 2016, with more than 30% of Magento Enterprises running it in the cloud.

So, deploying, testing, promoting and managing multiple environments becomes faster and easier.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition Partners.

Apart from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Magento chose to partner with four other best-of-breed solutions to build and run the Enterprise Cloud Edition. They are:

Platform.sh – It is a unique cloud hosting solution with a redundant architecture where users can create, test and merge different development environments quickly while keeping apart the infrastructure, so the rest of their systems won’t be affected.

New Relic – This is an application monitoring software where users can evaluate all the things from browser performance to server infrastructure and simulate traffic loads to test performance.

Blackfire.io – Monitors PHP code performance.

Fastly – It is a content delivery network which helps in diagnosing problems and quickly fix up performance issues. It keeps your data safe by inspecting your site’s traffic and mitigating DDOS attacks.

Core Features of Magento B2B Commerce Cloud.

1. Innovative Architecture
The new Cloud edition offers the advantages of modern cloud computing associated with the SaaS solutions. It has the flexibility of Magento’s extensible architecture, decorated by a robust ecosystem of global and innovative partners and developers.

2. Efficient, Scalable and Highly Automated
The new Cloud edition gives you AWS environment which helps you to host your website where your customers are and make it easy to scale up the site.

3. Zero-Downtime Deployment –
The deployments are made automatically to Amazon S3. So, it becomes easy to create staging/testing versions and use them to maintain zero-downtime deploys.

4. Safe, Consistent Deployments
You can get extra protection as all of the Cloud’s code implementations are GIT-based and ensure consistency, with read-only production environments.

5. Speed Optimization
You are hosting your store in the cloud, so no matter where your customers are, you rest assured your content is delivered fast and your site remains optimized at all times.

How does Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition benefit Merchants?

Quick Ordering: Quick order interface allows merchants to upload lists of SKUs, use requisition lists, copy previous orders, and speed up recurring purchases with rapid re-orders.

Corporate Account Management: The Cloud version highly supports sales to corporate accounts with multiple levels of buyers and varying roles and permissions. Thus, the platform offers flexible payment options, including payment on credit, to boost sales.

Quoting: An efficient built-in workflow for requesting and managing order quotes and B2B price negotiations.

Multi-Channel Support: Manage different e-commerce brands in multiple geographies, including both B2B and B2C portals with custom branding.

Back-end Integrations: The Magento Enterprise Cloud edition helps Application programming interface (API) and other 3rd party extensions to integrate flawlessly with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and other administration systems.

Price Lists and Custom Catalogs: Merchants can build custom product catalogs and pricing lists for specific customer groups or B2B customers.

The B2B commerce world is changing rapidly. Your success highly depends on business agility and getting prepared for anything in this competitive environment. The release of this impeccable Cloud edition signifies that Magento is officially positioning itself as a ruler of revolutionary B2B market growth. Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is architected for innovation and backed by the leading technology AWS which allows retailers, harness the full power of cloud computing.

Are You Ready To Build Your B2B Marketplace?

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition
Krish Technolabs can help you seize opportunities to stand out from competition, and be prepared to overcome the stumbling blocks coming along the way; from customer expectations, to competition, to ever-changing technologies.

We help you decide the deployment option that best fits your business needs. With the growing list of emerging Magento capabilities and integrations, you need to integrate an open and flexible framework to deliver a complete digital commerce user experience. While Magento has set a keen eye on B2B market, we are also making constant efforts to raise the bars for B2B, so that businesses experience commerce in the same delightful way as B2C.

Hope, you found this article helpful. Do you have any comments/suggestions on B2B market growth? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or drop us an email to get a quote for your upcoming project.

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