Magento Leads Among Alexa’s Top One Million Sites For The Third Year In A Row

In the February edition of Tom Robertshaw’s quarterly eCommerce survey, it has been reported that Magento leads among Alexa’s top one million sites for the third year in a row, this making it the leading eCommerce platform amongst its competitors.

Accordingly, the survey analyzed the platform signatures of top one-million websites listed by Alexa, discovering that 26% of them are using Magento. This means that Magento enjoys a 30% increase in the market share since the earlier February 2012 report. Therefore, going by fair logic, the share of websites using Magento, is almost triple the number the number of websites using the platforms that come in the second and third place.

The survey also looked at the top 100,000 busiest sites on the Internet. It discovered that Magento powers 28% of the stores on the list. This is more than double the number of stores that use Magento’s closest competition. The one reason that Magento founder Roy Rubin has to give for Magento’s stupendous success is that its customers are succeeding phenomenally, and this trend is responsible Magento’s success.

The survey which was conducted by Tom Robertshaw relied on the list of the top 1 million sites as provided by Alexa, which is an Amazon owned company. The survey method fetches the HTML document for that home page and analyses it against a library of over 225 platform signatures that have been written. The accuracy of the survey is being improved with each edition as signature rules continue to be added as well as reviewed.

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