Magento Now Capable of Supporting PHP 5.4

You will know that Magento is continuously advancing its platform in order to provide better and better services. As a result, the development environment offered by Magento is getting better and better indeed. According to sources at Magento, it has added support for PHP 5.4. Moving to PHP 5.4 now offers several advantages. This includes better performance, more efficient memory usage, as well as access to ongoing updates as well as security fixes.

Magento already has released patches for Magento Enterprise edition as well as later releases. It also has done the same for Magento Community and later releases. This has been done so that users can take advantage of these valuable updates faster. Additionally, support for PHP 5.4 will also be built in to future Magento product releases.

Magento Enterprise Edition users can access the patches, which are posted in the Support Patches section of ‘My Account’. The Magento Community Edition patches are available on the Community Edition ‘download page’. Users can access further information on applying patches in the Magento Knowledge Base. For some reason, if users are unable to upgrade to PHP 5.4, PHP suggests that you should upgrade to 5.3.28, as the latest version in the 5.3.x line, that includes security fixes.

Harshal Mazmudar

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