Managed Services and Dedicated Managed Services in eCommerce

For many an eCommerce store, support services is an extremely vital issue for the smooth operational running of the store. What is often required is an exceptional level of support and maintenance from the very moment the site goes live. Hence, support for a store is require to ensure that site runs smoothly in spite of the several complicated issues that the website might face.

This means that constant support services that the website is provided goes a long way in providing new features, new technologies, and regular up-to-date features and that support is always available on a 24/7 basis.

Two types of Services

Hence, when an eCommerce website receives ample support post launch, it has a large chance of remaining competitive in the present day online market and related conditions. Post launch support services can be of two types:

  • Managed Services
  • Dedicated Managed Services

Although the terms sound quite similar, there is some difference between the two. At this juncture, it is not difficult to understand that a managed service package offered by one eCommerce support company will not be the same as what another company might offer.

The terms itself are so wide encompassing, that you need to understand and be capable of deciding which package to go for, depending exactly upon what your needs. There are several instances wherein a managed service description from one company bears no resemblance to the managed service description offered by another company.

What encompasses a Managed Service

One thing is for sure and that is the support work continues even after the site is ready and has been launched. Managed services is all about providing eCommerce service managers wit the ability to manage their routine eCommerce strategy as well as technology needs on the basis of an ever evolving road map. The following points can be considered around which the managed services revolve:

  • 24/7 site monitoring and alerts
  • Providing ways and means to stay online and competitive
  • Extending the business and functional life of the store
  • Working with in-house managers for syncing processes with external managed service provides
  • Adding features and functionality
  • Integrating with new systems and building better eCommerce ecosystems
  • Including a strategy component to create strategic road maps
  • Identify seo issues and design
  • Other strategic components

What is a Dedicated Managed Service

With the help of a managed service, the client is able to use a variety of “shared resource models” so that their issues can be taken care of. Therefore, incoming support requests are distributed amongst a development resources pool that depends upon the skill and severity of the issue.

This model works for most clients, but for those who require an even deeper level of service, some managed service providers provide a dedicated resource, who is usually a certified developer who works in tandem with the client on an ongoing basis. This support can be full time, part time, or even ongoing, depending upon the requirements of the client company. The developer works to:

  • Prioritize site issues
  • Resolve questions and provide relevant answers
  • Relieve concerns and provide necessary relief
  • Work as a single window/point of contact

As time progresses, the synergy that this relationship generates turns the dedicated managed resource into a strategic asset for the client.
Depending upon the type of service required, Krish Inc. can provide the managed service to client based exactly on the needs. Drop us a line or contact us for any of your managed or dedicated managed service needs!

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