Migrate Your Magento Go Store To Magento Community Before Festival Season

eBay’s announcement that it is shutting down Magento Go effective 1st February 2015 is already creating waves of uncertainty in the current Magento Go community. The only way out of this situation is to either hypothetically close down the website and shut the business, or practically, migrate the Magento Go website to an alternative platform such as Magento Community Edition.

This decision has taken small and mid-business owners on the Magento Community platform by surprise, as eBay had touted Magento Go as a product specifically designed to reach out to these owners. Simultaneously, eBay has also announced the closure of ProStores. The closure of both these platforms is expected to affect around 10,000 merchants.

Despite eBay’s assurance that these two products will not be shutdown until 1st February 2015, well after the busy holiday season, many merchants are seriously considering to migrate their Magento Go or ProStores websites to an alternative platform.

Hence, if you run your online business on the Magento Go platform, then the time to migrate your store is now – rather than later, which might be too late. One of the better alternatives for Magento Go store owners is to migrate their store to Magento Community Edition.

You will need to ensure that you pass the task of migrating your store to a trusted eCommerce migration agency. Since Magento Go has been an online service, the Go platform does not evidently offer the flexibility, adaptability, and customization that Magento Community offers.

Magento Community Edition offers features such as unlimited SKUs, unlimited admin accounts, multiple languages, and multiple stores. Alongside, it offers thousands of Magento themes and more than 5000 Magento connections and a wider choice of payment methods, from Magento connect or any custom module.

Yet another advantage of Magento CE is that it is 100% open source. The developer has access to PHTML templates along with CSS, JS, and XML. They can even create a development copy for testing. Magento CE also offers the ability to create a backup and also provides semi-automatic upgrades with the help of professional support. SEO professionals handling your project on Magento CE can access the .htaccess and robots.txt file.

Since you still have time till February 1st next year, it is in your own benefit to research and locate a professional eCommerce agency which is specialized in migration tasks such as Magento Go to Magento CE migration. Why not consider the folks at Krish Inc., which have over 11 years experience in the eCommerce field employing 150+ technocrats and 23 certified developers. Team Krish will help you to migrate your Magento Go website to Magento Community with No Data Loss and provide the most effective solutions.

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