More Than 200,000 Online Businesses Now Chose Magento

Magento, which was launched on March 31, 2008, has now become the most popular eCommerce platform worldwide. According to Magento Commerce, more than 200,000 businesses now choose Magento. This number was not achieved easily. Magento had to compete against a huge range of other open source and proprietary eCommerce platforms. However, with the tide in favor of Magento, it has become the world’s most popular eCommerce platform in recent times.

Magento did not win this position overnight. Starting their business as Varien in 2001, The founders of Magento had prior experience a a web design company that created point-of-sale systems, content management systems, and custom intranets for six years before he release of the Magento platform.

This experience gave Varien a clear focus, resulting in a strategy to provide usability as well as ease of customizations. With the passage of time and Varien’s efforts to improve the eCommerce platform, the company increased in size and became more successful. Today’s products from Magento have this focus engrained within them. With this achievement, Magento has the most flexible product catalog in the entire eCommerce application market.

Magento understood the eCommerce conundrum since quite an early stage. By this time, the demand had grown for customized implementations and various other software available were not designed for large scale implementations.

Magento’s quest began when they started to look out for alternatives. The discovery that there were no suitable platforms available them made them decide to create their own. Having released their first product in 2008 under and open source license, the platform was an instant success. It grew to such great heights that even Fortune 500 companies were on board. Realizing that the needs of such companies and even others were greater, Varien introduced Magento Enterprise in 2009.

In 2010, the company changed its name to Varien to Magento. In 2011, Magento introduced Magento Go at its first international conference in Los Angeles, which was attended by more than 800 merchants, developers, and partners. Magento was acquired by eBay in June 2011, for around $180 million and also became one of the pillars for ebay’s new X.commerce group.

Harshal Mazmudar

Harshal is working as a digital marketing manager at Krish Technolabs, uses the web to drive online visibility and generate leads that have resulted in huge ecommerce success. His incessant hunger to outperform is the real drive that keeps him competitive in the online hemisphere.

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