Perform Load Testing to Ensure a Jubilant Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, the scenario of overloaded servers comes to haunt many Magento eCommerce store owners and internet managers across the globe. At the same time, every manager desires that the marketing campaign become successful and yield extravagant results.

To ensure a befitting and successful campaign that is capable of driving extraordinary traffic especially during the holidays, it is imperative that proper and careful preparation be done so that the server infrastructure of your online store can handle the incoming traffic. For example, it is essential that your Magento site is capable of handling unexpected load spikes, which can reduce the site performance drastically, and further downgrade your site reputation along degrading the customer experience.

How unexpected loads can be detrimental to your business

Unexpected loads can destroy your Magento website reputation along with crashing the server, so you end up losing all the revenue that you had expected from the holiday sale. In addition to this case, you also end up destroying the trust that customers had it your website and your company or organization. Also gone is their future purchases and your brand reputation.

To ensure that a particular environment can handle the right number of concurrent users, it is necessary that the infrastructure be properly designed and the application code used be properly tuned. The failure to achieve these two concurrent results can even result in the general failure of your eCommerce enterprise.

So what should be done

Hence, at this juncture, you might wonder what number of users hitting the store simultaneously could cause your store to cause a degradation in performance or cause your Magento e-store to fail. Since this is no easy answer, it is essential that a stress test be conducted to assess the environment (the infrastructure + application code).

What tests should be performed

This factor is extremely essential since not all performance managers and understand the crucial nature of this problem. Therefore, either they can conduct what is called a benchmark load test or a peak threshold load test. The former test involves incremental testing of a website until the tester reaches the projected number of users that are expected to visit your eCommerce site. This number should be more than the number of projected number of sessions that your environment is capable of handling. In case of the peak threshold test, the eCommerce site will be tested to see whether it can handle the Incrementing number of test users until the performance of your website degrades.

While considering load testing, you should understand that load testing can be an expensive affair. Load testing companies usually charge according to the number of users they send to the website and also the number of scenarios the website has to face, and the duration involved. Hence, the decision to perform load testing should be taken with care as it entails a

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