Pros and Cons of ProStores Shopping Cart Solution

ProStores is an eBay supported e-commerce service that aims to help small, medium and big businesses who are looking to expand their online presence by reaching new customers. It offers a rich collection of features for website design and online marketing. Like any other ecommerce solution, there are pros and cons of using ProStores too.

While setting up an online business, one must look out for a web hosting company, then design plan and finally look for shopping cart software. To lessen your burden, ProStores offers all these in one package. Most people find it quite easy to use. It has tools that promote your online business and make profit. They help you to optimize your store, list to eBay directly, advertise on ecommerce sites and increase sales. It offers a rich collection of features that are specifically designed for eBay sellers and eBay entrepreneurs.

You can choose from either of the two web design packages offered – the Professional Ecommerce Package and the Professional Ecommerce Plus Package. Both include same features, except that the plus package is more expensive, offers unlimited storage space, more mailboxes and allows to sell up to 1,00,000 products on your website.

Pros of ProStores Shopping Cart Solution

  • Multiple shopping cart options
  • Customizable templates
  • No contract, users can stop the service at anytime without paying except for those incurred while the account was open
  • Instant and automatic setup of the online web storefront
  • Target new online markets
  • Efficient Customer service via phone & email
  • Integration with PayPal & other payment gateways
  • Online security through shared SSL certificate
  • Easily accessible by anyone with internet connection
  • Generate reports to keep track of the online store
  • Integration of existing website with ProStores through links
  • Track, sort and manage inventory
  • Automated Google Feed
  • Synchronization of your eBay and ProStores inventory, to avoid double selling of the items
  • Fee waiver and discounts
  • Compatible with QuickBooks

Currently, if you are selling products with eBay, you can receive up to 30% discount on your monthly subscription. However, it is important to note that both the accounts are separate. ProStores is not considered to be a part of eBay and hence fees must be paid if you want to link a ProStores page to eBay Auctions.

Cons of ProStores Shopping Cart Solution

  • Restricted design abilities
  • Charges 0.5% transaction fees for all sales processed, despite the monthly subscription
  • Many advanced features requires additional monthly fees
  • Extra fees is charged if users outshine their allotted bandwidth
  • ProStores may not support some of the features of your store
  • Users must be well versed with HTML if they want to customize their store
  • Does not give stores static IP Address unless they own a dedicated SSL certificate, may not be a problem for some businesses
  • ProStores Ads can be placed on the website and the emails irrespective of store owner’s permission

ProStores is the winner of wide number of industry awards. Outsized businesses and the one with specific needs may not find ProStores a good option for their shopping cart. But, those who want to expand their overall business, ProStores is a complete ecommerce solution which enables merchandisers to reach new customers and generate brand awareness.

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