QuickBooks Integration Add-on for X-Cart

If you are an ecommerce merchant and wish to provide an excellent shopping cart along with unparalleled services to your online customers, then you should consider X-Cart. This shopping cart has become the software of choice for several ecommerce merchants around the globe. Recently, a number of X-Cart add-ons have been launched, which includes a brilliant add-on called the X-Cart QuickBooks Integration add-on.

As an advanced yet user friendly customer software, X-Cart has become an apparent favorite for online ecommerce merchants. With the addition of add-ons such as X-Cart QuickBooks integration, the ease of use of X-Cart has improved considerably. With the X-Cart QuickBooks Integration add-on, it is now possible to import or export any information from the shopping cart software into CSV format.

As a store owner, you will understand how important it is to maintain a current database of all the activities and data on the website. The data that can be imported or exported from X-Cart includes items like users, categories, products, stock details, destination zones, taxes, orders, shipping rates, etc. Therefore, from the point of view of properly administrating the X-Cart shopping cart software, it is extremely advantageous to convert this data into CSV format. This is especially handy if you need to update the store data or move your store to a different location.

Thus, with the help of a simple web interface, you can update the necessary details.

Various other features present in the X-Cart QuickBooks such as product import option can be used for improving user friendliness. For example, the product import option can be easily used to add new products. Similarly other options present in the X-Cart QuickBooks add-on can help the ecommerce store owner immensely.

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