Reasons To Choose Magento 2.0 For Automotive Store

Disruptive growth is the core to any industry success. Earlier, industrial organizations sales strategy relied on product or technology leadership for staying ahead of the competition. But today they need to meet the growing service expectations of digitally enabled customers seeking better transparency and services to enjoy as consumers. It’s time to focus less on product and more on the customer experience.

The automotive industry is no exception. Today having a virtual store is a fundamental necessity for every automobile store owner. What gives them edge is the right selection of best tools and technology by hiring an established Magento auto parts e-commerce web development company.

Challenges of Automotive Environment

Automobile part suppliers are facing the dual challenge of the diversified clientele of B2B and B2C roster, numerous product varieties and stupendous brands, and the paradigm shift in online shopping preference of customers.

Under these circumstances, relying on a prominent Magento automobiles e-commerce development agency is the best bet as they offer a right combination of tools, CMS, and integration solution. Usually, they need to rely on multiple third party tools, integration of product catalog, product delivery management and so on. But this never ending integration process can be terminated by selecting Magento 2.0 for their automotive store.

Reasons to Choose Magento 2.0 for Automotive Store

Magento 2.0 for Automotive Store

Easy Third Party Tools Integration

Magento 2.0 is very easy to integrate with party tools like VPC, AutoData, AIS, Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, TecDoc etc. that help improved product management. This makes the search of desired spare parts easy given the vehicle registration no. or on the basis of model, brand, and variant. In addition, it also becomes easy to access organized, comprehensive and latest information about vehicles and all other replacement parts. It increases the shopping experience by buying the right product that result in qualified visits and frequent shopping.

Useful Built-In Features

Magento 2.0 is compatible with diverse platforms.  It encompasses several powerful built-in features that include third-party tool integration, multi-language support, built-in responsive design, data importing, performance optimization and to top it all offers an intuitive and robust end-user experience.

Powerful and Flexible CMS

Magento comes with additional plug-ins for easy handling of content or else you can also integrate third party CMS. Its multilingual functionality equipped with a proficient content management system is the bonus to for you to reach a wider spectrum of audience.

Integration with Backend Data Management System

Connecting your warehouse and supply chain management is an integral part of the right functioning of your store to offering great online shopping experience. It syncs your web shop with your warehouse and logistic process thus getting core information pertaining to spare part description, product price details, inventory, customer details, delivery status, shipping methods, etc. is made easily accessible from existing ERP or any other data management system.

Improved Admin Panel

Simple and enhanced admin panel with user-friendly approach makes it more appealing. Its multi-warehouse support along with the flexible tools is ready to manage any disaster. Powerful yet secured payment gateway integration is one more reason to rely on Magento 2.0.


Switching to Magento 2.0 by automotive store owners will not only trigger the credibility of their virtual store but will also propel the business of their physical store. This is the right time to hire a professional Magento automobiles e-commerce development company and reap the benefits.

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