Utilize Magento to Build Your Online eCommerce Store

Today, more and more eCommerce website owners and online businesses are looking around for solutions that can help to boost their websites as well as increase their business growth. Magento has proved to be one of the best solutions on the market that has the potential as well as the ability to boost online business. Built on the Zend Framework, it is very easy possible to integrate Magento into other applications using its sophisticated and advanced Application Programming Interface (API).

Being a feature-rich platform, it provides online merchants complete flexibility and control over the look and feel of their ecommerce stores. It also has proved to be ideal platform that can help anyone to start his or her own online business with the minimum of effort. Available in three different editions – Community, Go and Enterprise, the platform provides a wealth of features that go a long way in turning your ecommerce portal into a top-notch online shop.

Magento is the most power-packed open source platform that has proved to be extremely convenient for both shop owners as well as customers. It is possible to integrate Magento with a broad range of 3rd party services such as Google Checkout and Google Base, and even with many payment processing services that also include Paypal and others.

Magento offers the widest range of top-notch marketing, promotion as well as conversion tools other than ecommerce features. The Magento framework is also customizable to suit a diverse range of business requirements and process flow. Thus, with Magneto, you are able to add maximum efficiency to your online business.

Additionally, Magento allows you to manage multiple websites from a single administration panel. This helps you in managing your multiple stores better. With easier installation compared to other ecommerce platforms and easy customization of Magento, it is the chosen platform for ecommerce development by owners.

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Harshal Mazmudar

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